Marvelous Monday

Itz Marvelous Monday!  What a positive way to start off each week – thinking about what’s marvelous in my life. When I think of what’s marvelous, family is always included.  Last night, my parents had everyone over to celebrate Jason’s fiance Amy’s birthday and it was a good time.  My mom made pasta con broccoli (per my request) and it was amazing.  Itz not regular creamy pasta con broccoli, itz partially made with red sauce and there’s a little kick in it.  Plus, chicken on the side (baked and barbecued), and my dad made his famous Cunetto’s salad.  I made Courtney’s Chocolate Raspberry Bars, and they were out of this world.  Definitely will be made again and I highly recommend them.  Didn’t capture a ton of pictures from last night, but of course I had to get one with my little Aud Paud.


Cutest little girl ever, right?  My sister dresses her in the most adorable clothes and often times I find myself wishing they were made in adult sizes.  Anyway, dinner was delicious, but what was better was listening to my grandparents’ stories.  Times have changed, but itz safe to say grandparents are the best! We are so lucky to have ours in our lives, no words can describe the bonds between grandparents and grandchildren, especially ours.

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On Saturday, I went to Innsbrook with my parents.  Jonny had to work on Sunday, so unfortunately he was unable to join this trip.  It was pretty low key, but it was nice to spend alone time with my parents.  Since my family is pretty large, alone time with parents is hard to come by, not that I’m complaining, but when it does happen, itz awesome… yes, even as an adult.  They put up some more fun details at Innsbrook:


My mom has such a good eye! Saturday night was super windy, but my dad built a fire because when you’re at Innsbrook, itz just something you have to do.  While we sat out by the fire, we couldn’t help but notice the full moon and the clouds in the sky.  The trees are bare this time of year, and looking up into the sky through the branches at the clouds and full moon was quite the site.


What’s marvelous about your Monday?

27 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday

  1. Your little niece is too cute for words. It’s obvious how much she adores you from the huge smile on her face.

    I’ve always loved how close you and your family are, so of course it’s nice to see you getting some alone time w/ your parents!

    Have a wonderful Monday

  2. I love alone time with my parents too. Love that moon photo! I’m thankful all my family in OH were spared from the storms that hit the midwest yesterday.

    • I might have had them for breakfast this morning. And by “might” I mean I totally did. And for a snack when I got home from school… #addicting

  3. LOVE that pic!! Saw on IG & so cute!!! Cherish the times for sure.. I have lost all but 1 of my older relatives & all the rest of the family is all over the place so holidays are hard but we enjoy with whoever is here family or friends.:)

  4. i have a big family with 6 younger sisters, an older brother and a younger brother so as rare as it may be, it’s always nice to spend time one on one quality time with my parents. Dad gives the best hugs when no one else is around 😛

    i love that you were able to spend time by the nice and relaxing..especially during the chilly weather. love that shot of the full moon btw – eerie but so awesome!

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