15 Weeks Pregnant | What happened to my sleep?

Time for another bumpdate!  However, you’re going to have to hold just a minute on my actual bumpdate picture as my dear sister (aka photographer) just got back in town from a well deserved vacation late last night.  We’ll take the picture soon enough (I promised her I wouldn’t bug her about it the second she landed!) and I’ll update when we do!  For now, you can enjoy the sweetest picture ever of me and my niece Audrey Rose who loves talking about the “baby in LaLa’s belly!”

15 weeks Audrey

Baby Itz: 15 Weeks

Baby’s size? Orange.

Maternity clothes? Not wearing any yet, though I already know stretchy pants and leggings will be are my best friends throughout this pregnancy.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: What happened to my sleep?  I’m always such a good sleeper!  I feared that by writing about how wonderful I’d been sleeping, I’d really just be jinxing myself.  My sleep hasn’t been horrible, but it hasn’t been normal either. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep for a long time, other times I wake up and am wide awake, or I just toss and turn.  I need to take some of my own advice and put to practice some of the 10 Tips to Fall Asleep Faster & Sleep Better.  I do think that once I start working out a little more than I have been (aka: nothing) that it might help my sleep pattern.  But the weird this is, I’m not tired at all throughout the day despite my lack of sleep!  I’m still able to wake up early and all is good.  Let’s hope that continues even while my sleep hopefully improves.

Best moment this week: Well yesterday I had my 16-week appointment even though tomorrow technically marks my sixteen week of pregnancy!  We didn’t get to see Baby Itz, but we did get to hear the strong heartbeat!

Miss anything? My weekly ultrasounds! I was totally spoiled when I got to watch Baby Itz grow each week from weeks six through thirteen!

Movement: None that I can feel, but my doctor suggested at night laying in bed with my hands on my belly with the lights and all sounds off.  She said if I focused only on my belly that perhaps I would feel a tiny flutter.  She explained it wouldn’t be constant, but if I tried often I could potentially feel something.

Food Cravings: No real cravings, but I did surprise Jonny last night with ice cream!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope! (And let’s hope I didn’t just jinx this!)

Gender: Too early to tell, and, yes, we’re definitely finding out! Just a few more weeks!

Labor Signs: None.

Symptoms: During the first trimester, I experienced frequent headaches.  Headaches coupled with being super tired made for lots and lots of naps and moments of not feeling so hot.  Being extra tired is not a symptom anymore, but this week headaches have returned.  I’m drinking plenty of water, so I don’t believe that’s the case.  As I’ve been reading in my pregnancy books, women often get headaches due to changes in hormones.  Some women take Tylenol, but I’ve been toughing them out as they haven’t been too bad.

Belly Button – in or out?  In.

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Happy happy!

Looking Forward To: My next ultrasound will be the big GENDER REVEAL!  Of course, with my sister being Stephanie Cotta Photography, means that we won’t actually find out at the doctor’s office.  She’ll find out first and we’ve got a surprise planned for a reveal!

What helps you sleep when you’re restless or not tired?

35 thoughts on “15 Weeks Pregnant | What happened to my sleep?

  1. I had some rough headaches when I was pregnant with Hailey. It helped to have David rub my head!

    As for movement, this is my second pregnancy at at 14.5 weeks I only think that I might have felt a faint flutter once or twice, and it’s supposed to happen more quickly the second time around. So don’t feel discouraged if it still takes another couple weeks! 🙂

  2. Congrats on the pregnancy! This may be a silly question, but did you get weekly ultrasounds because of the method you guys took to conceiving or because of pre-existing conditions? I had a missed miscarriage earlier this year at 14 weeks, and I know if my husband and I conceive again I’ll be extremely nervous the first trimester. My OB reassured me that I’d have weekly ultrasounds as well which will hopefully make it less stressful. I was just curious about your situation! Have a good one 🙂

    • We had weekly ultrasounds because we had trouble conceiving, so I guess they just wanted to be sure everything was all good! 🙂 I’m not considered “high risk” necessarily, but they will be watching me a little more closely.

  3. Sorry to say — you will never sleep well again, even when you have teenagers . . . . Even if you get to sleep, it’s not the same kind of sleep because your mom radar is always on.

  4. That photo of your and Audrey Rose (Audrey is such a beautiful name, BTW) is precious! I hope your sleep schedule gets back on track, but that’s wonderful that you’re not feeling any sluggishness because of it. Looking forward to the reveal! 🙂 Happy Tuesday, Linz!

  5. Eee…I’m just so gosh darn happy for you!!
    Can’t wait for the reveal!
    Hopefully your sleep gets back to normal asap! We can both share that problem, since I have insomnia so I always have sleep trouble! It’s definitely not fun.

  6. Sometimes I think I am pregnant because I get really tired. LOL! Alas, I know I am not……….. BAH HA HA HA!!! Hang in there lady! For me, what helps my sleep is lots of chamomile tea and exercising in the morning! Obviously you need to be a little lighter with your exercise, but you still definitely can!

  7. I can only imagine what joy you are experiencing as you go through your pregnancy, especially after going though a few rounds of IUI. I bet you are itching to find out the gender!!

    I am praying on our next round to be a success. We got pregnant on our first round, but then miscarried at 8 weeks. It was devastating. 🙁

  8. I cannot sleep either and it’s awful! Let me know if you find something that works. I’ve been working out regularly anf it hasn’t helped.

    Re: movement, I felt nothing with my first until 22 weeks so don’t worry. I’m almost 18w with my second and by second-time mom standards, I should be feeling something by now but I don’t yet.

  9. So excited for your gender reveal! And I didn’t realize your sister was a photographer. And a newborn photographer at that! I may need to check her out as I’ll need one come March. 😉

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