IUI Information: All the Details

We’re about to get real personal, y’all.  That’s nothing new around here, but I’m going to share how exactly I got pregnant.  No, no, this is not a birds and the bees post. 🙂

I got pregnant from an IUI.  When I first learned that I was going to have an IUI, I was nervous, scared, and hopeful.  However, I didn’t know a whole lot about it which is why I’d like to share information about IUIs and my own personal experience.

That being said, this is information I’ve collected from my doctor, nurse, and personal experience.  As always, please direct all specific questions to your doctor as I am not a medical professional.

IUI Information: All the Details

IUI Information - intrauterine insemination

What is an IUI? IUI stands for intrauterine insemination.  I like to refer to it as the “turkey baster” method.  IUI is NOT the same as IVF (in vitro fertilization).  Itz less invasive and way less expensive.

When can you get an IUI? An IUI takes place during ovulation.  Since itz not an exact science, doctors do their best in preparing your body (often with medication), checking your overies and follicles with an ultrasound, and making a determination of when they think you will ovulate.

How do you prepare for an IUI? Listen to your doctor!  In terms of “doing” anything, there’s not really anything to be done.  You just show up at the office!  Once my doctor saw I was ready to ovulate, she gave me the HCG (pregnancy hormone) trigger shot.  From there, you typically ovulate within 24 hours of the shot.  Then, once you ovulate (the egg is released), the egg stays for 24 – 48 hours.  During this time period is when you would get the IUI.

How do you know when to get an IUI? Like I said, itz not an exact science. The first month (July) I got an IUI, it didn’t work.  The second month (August), we did two consecutive IUIs, and one of them obviously ended up working.

How does an IUI work? After collecting a sample from your dear husband, you keep it as close to body temperature as you can (I literally stuck the jar in my bra per the suggestion of my nurse), and safely rush to the doctor’s office.  My doctor said I needed to have the sample to her within an hour.  Once she receives it, she takes about twenty minutes and actually separates the semen from the sperm.

Can you see the little swimmers? YES! My doctor was awesome in that she let us (me, my mom, and my sister) look at the little swimmers under the microscope before beginning the process.  In essence, we saw Baby Itz before he/she was conceived!

Then what? The doctor dilutes the sperm because apparently you can’t put just straight sperm into a woman’s body.  Then, the process is ready to begin.

Does an IUI hurt? No. Itz a bit uncomfortable, but itz so quick and the potential results are well worth it.  Like a Pap test, the doctor inserts a speculum into your vagina (this was the uncomfortable part for me).  Using a catheter, she squirts the diluted mixture of sperm into your uterus.  This part takes literally five minutes.

What do the sperm have to do? Since the sperm are inserted directly into the uterus, an IUI takes away the vaginal component of conceiving.  The sperm still need to swim up the fallopian tubes to meet, and hopefully, fertilize the egg.

What do you do after an IUI? My doctor recommended me laying on the table for fifteen minutes.  She raised this thing on the table, so my hips were elevated.  I ended up laying there for about 25 minutes (I just wanted to be sure!).

What is the recovery period of an IUI? There is none!  I literally went to work after both of my IUIs.  I did try and take it easy, and after my IUI is when I stopped working out completely.  There were so many factors in getting me pregnant, that we’re not sure if any one thing I did was the magical trick, so itz hard to say.

Is an IUI expensive? My insurance did not cover any fertility treatments, so my IUIs cost $220 each.  Expensive?  Yes.  Compared to paying over twenty grand for IVF?  Not so much!  I’d say IUI is a deal!  (Well, not really, but in comparison! Haha.)

Can people be in the room during an IUI? Perhaps itz different depending on your doctor, but mine was fine with it.  Jonny had to work, so my mom came with me the first day, and my sister the second day.  They didn’t actually see anything as the doctor places a sheet over your legs (similar to a yearly exam).  They came for moral support which was much appreciated.  My sister asked if she could hold my hand, and I let her know that she was fine right where she was. 😉

I’m linking up with Healthy Diva’s Marvelous in my Monday since being pregnant with Baby Itz is marvelous, magical, and a dream come true!

pregnant me

That’s all the relevant information about getting an IUI that I can think of.  Like I stated at the beginning of this post, I am not a medical professional.  I did my best to relay the facts as I understood them from my doctor.  I had a very positive experience with getting an IUI as the second or third time obviously resulted in the beginning of Baby Itz!

Let’s end this information-loaded post on a lighter note.  Because my mom and sister were with me during my IUIs, they were technically there during conception.  How many people (besides husbands) can say that? 😉

What other questions do you have about getting an IUI?

64 thoughts on “IUI Information: All the Details

  1. I’m so, so glad IUI worked for you. Isn’t science amazing?

    I also love how open and honest you’re being. SO many of us struggle with infertility and it’s always so reassuring to hear we’re not alone! <3

  2. Wow way to break it down girl! That’s so cool that it worked out financially and MIRACULOUSLY gave you a wonderful blessing – SO happy for you!

  3. Thanks for sharing this info! I didn’t know this was different than IVF, and I knew IVF is a super invasive procedure (from what my friends have gone through anyway). Glad that this worked for you!

  4. No one has ever explained this to me. So interesting, and helpful to someone going through fertility issues. When I was trying to conceive, I put my butt up on a pillow after, well, you know, and it worked both times. I am so so happy for you!! I can’t wait to see that sweet little angel! xoxo Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Um first things first, I just caught up and MAJOR CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!!!!! I am SO SO happy for you and your family!! I know how much you wanted this, so I’m so pleased for you <3
    I'm so happy this worked well for you. Thanks for being so open about your journey! I'm sure it will help lots of others in the same position.

  6. My hubby and I are discussing this option after some other medical attempts/procedures haven’t panned out – just sent him this link 🙂 and he responded and said sooo informative THANKS – this gives us hope for a dark tunnel we are in at the moment!

  7. So happy for you!! I suppose the third times a charm for you 🙂 . Very brave of you to open up about everything from fertility treatments to not working out, etc. Love your honesty!

  8. Thank you for being so open about this! I never knew what this process was called or really exactly how it worked. I’m so very excited for you guys!!!

  9. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story! There are so many who struggle with infertility, myself included. Iui is a great option for many couples and I’m so glad it worked for you!

  10. So awesome it worked for you and so interesting to learn about! There are so many fertility treatments out there, I am so happy this worked for you and wasn’t too pricey either! What a blessing!

  11. Do you know if IUI’s work for women with PCOS? I’m curious to know as to why you weren’t able to get pregnant? I have PCOS, so my uterus is full of cysts 🙁 We tried for well over a year and nothing. I finally gave up. Wondering if an IUI might work for us?

    • I’m not sure exactly – you’ll want to check with your doctor. an IUI takes away the vaginal component of conceiving, not the uterus part, but itz definitely worth looking in to..

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  14. Thank you for sharing I am doing an IUI next month. You got a bargin at $220 I’m in Indiana and an IUI is $1,300!!!

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