13 Weeks Pregnant

13 Weeks Pregnant – my first official pregnancy update post, so exciting!  Thanks for supporting me along this new journey.  I love hearing about your stories and sharing my own.  Tomorrow officially marks fourteen weeks, so today I’ll recap week thirteen and the prior weeks since I’m just getting started here.

13 weeks

Baby Itz: 13 Weeks

Baby’s size? Peach. (Itz cute already!)

Total weight gain/loss: So this is the only week I’ll keep this question, and itz merely just to say I dislike it and won’t be discussing my weight gain / loss.  While I respect anyone who chooses to share that information, I’m not quite fond.  Experts say you should gain around one pound (or so) per week.  My weight (and I’m sure others) fluctuates throughout the day based on what I’ve eaten, how hydrated / dehydrated I am, what I’m wearing, time of day, etc.  As long as my doctor says I’m on track, I’m good.  So that’s that.

Maternity clothes? Not wearing any yet, though I already know stretchy pants and leggings will be my best friends throughout this pregnancy.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: I’ve always been a good sleeper and that’s continued thus far.  I do feel like I need more of it and I’ve definitely been doing more of it.  My energy levels are on the rise now, but during weeks 7 – 11 (roughly), I seriously felt like I couldn’t get enough sleep.  I was coming home from school and napping and still heading to bed around 8 o’clock!

Best moment this week: Announcing my pregnancy, for sure!

Miss anything? Working out!  Clearly my baby is more important than working out (which is why I still haven’t been back to the gym), I’m just being honest here!  I literally haven’t done a “real” workout since the beginning of August.  Walking is all.  That’s crazy considering I used to workout 6 – 7 days a week.

Movement: None that I can feel though the ultrasound tech always tells me that Baby Itz is super active!  Just like his/her momma – love it!

Food Cravings: Uhhh remember my baked potato post a couple of weeks ago?  Haha, my sister called me and was like, “Why don’t you just tell everyone you’re pregnant!”  My cravings have been any and all super carby foods.  During weeks 7 – 11, I pretty much lived off carbs, and I’m not talking the healthy complex kind either.  Pretzels, bagels, crackers, and toast.  Some days itz basically all I ate.  Now, I’ve been better though carbs are what sound the most appealing.

Anything making you queasy or sick? I haven’t been sick at all (and please tell me I didn’t just jinx myself!).  During the earlier weeks, almost all food besides the bland, carby stuff disgusted me.  Sometimes Jonny’s dinners would make me gag.  I wanted nothing to do with vegetables or meat.  Again, itz been better lately.

Gender: Too early to tell, and, yes, we’re definitely finding out!

Labor Signs: None.

Symptoms: My appetite is just so weird.  During those 7 – 11 weeks, I felt starving all the time.  I woke up hungry and was constantly hungry.  This week, not so much.  Yesterday, for example, I was not hungry at all when I woke up which was super weird.  I ate something small and then around 10 am, I was starving!

Belly Button – in or out?  In.

Wedding Rings – on or off? On! I have three separate bands, so I think I’ll always be able to wear at least one.

Happy or Moody? HAPPY!  Ok that’s this week, but I’ve got to be honest: I was super moody my first few weeks which doesn’t seem to make much sense given how happy I was to find out I was pregnant.  But ask my parents or my husband.  Actually don’t.  I was incredibly emotional (sad) about everything except being pregnant.  Glad that’s passed.

Looking Forward To: A healthy, happy pregnancy!

pregnant linz

My sister Stephanie Cotta Photography took and will be taking all of my photos.  She sent the above picture to my family a few weeks ago and wrote, “I would know she was pregnant with this picture even if I didn’t really know.  Linz got her happy back!”  I guess I did.  My happy is most definitely back!

Any other topics you’d like me to cover on a weekly basis during these updates?

76 thoughts on “13 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Linz- you’re shining! I know how much you two went through to get pregnant, so being able to follow along your pregnancy journey with you is so exciting to me. Can’t wait to hear more as the days go on.

  2. YAY! Glad you are doing these updates.
    Isn’t it such a huge relief to finally make THE ANNOUNCEMENT!? There are always several awkward moments in the first trimester. I remember being 8 weeks pregnant at the Calgary Stampede, which coincided with my last weekend in Canada before moving across the planet. People definitely thought something was up when I wasn’t overly rowdy on the dance floor! It’s so much easier to socialize once the cat’s out of the bag, that’s for certain.

    • Haha! I felt it was easy for me to hide it because my friends knew what I was going through (in terms of infertility treatments) so if I was ever questioned why I wasn’t drinking, I said itz because I’m on a lot of medicine – worked like a charm! 😉

  3. I’m so excited for you!!!!! At least you have an excuse for cutting back on the gym, I cut my mileage down the last month and I really need to get back out there and run a bit more!

    So excited for you- and yes, I agree- as long as your doctor says you’re healthy and on track, you don’t need to track every pound…some bloggers drive me nuts with calorie counting, pound counting and tracking every single meal in vivid detail on their blog- I find the other stuff (like your cravings and side effects since most of us ladies want to know what it’ll be like!) so much more fun and informative!

    Again, SO EXCITED!!

    • Thanks, Shannyn! I do just try to be real and, frankly, calorie counting is waaaay too much work – I’m too busy for that! haha

  4. You are absolutely glowing!! Word of wisdom? Embrace maternity pants. They are the most comfortable things EVER. The Gap supersoft maternity leggings are a gift from heaven and I could live in them forever.

    As for sharing weight gain – good for you! I share mine mainly because it’s simply a tool for me to track. Plus, I find it so interesting how DIFFERENT pregnancies can be in the same person. Pregnancy 1 and 2 are the same in many ways but different in others. I can’t wait to follow along your journey 🙂

    • Mad respect for sharing weight gain – I appreciate your reason and it totally makes sense! It is definitely interesting how different pregnancies can be – I know my sister’s two pregnancies were pretty different from each other, as well! And Gap? I’ll totally be heading there…

  5. Hooray! I so love reading other pregnancy updates. I am 23 weeks along, so I can completely relate to everything you are mentioning. I was so happy when the carb phase left and I could finally eat veggies again. Lately, I have been craving spinach salads like crazy, which is awesome. I feel so much better 🙂

    • Yay! I’ll definitely be checking your blog frequently! 🙂 I’m glad that I can eat more than just carbs, but they’re still really appealing…. I’m doing my best to eat more balanced all around!

  6. I gotta admit – I normally roll pass the pregnancy updates, but I’m genuinely looking forward to every single one of yours! Can’t wait to hear more about what you think actually helped to get you pregnant after all you tried.

  7. Ahh, congrats:) I’m 28 weeks along and it’s all amazing. I do these updates as well, I think it will be so much fun to be able to look back and read them all. Here’s to a healthy and happy pregnancy to you! 🙂

    • Recording the updates week by week will definitely be fun to look back on!! I’ll be following your journey, as well! 🙂

  8. You are glowing!!! Yay for no morning sickness and just weird aversiona. Maybe you’re one of the lucky 25%. Did your ob say it was normal?
    Happy and healthy pregnancy ans baby for you!! You’re in my prayers. 🙂

  9. ahhhhhh your happy really IS back sis 😀 and i am so effing happy for you. i was just going to text you and tell you that if you need ANYTHING throughout this pregnancy i am here for you. i know i’m in another country, but if you need me i am here mama! 😉 ahhhhhh and you’re finding out the gender!? 😀 that’ll be an exciting post to do 😀

  10. OKAY OMG OMG OMG – My CONGRATS IS LONG OVER DUE AND I AM THE WORST BLOGGING BUDDY ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET!!!!!!! I know you were having problems getting pregnant in the past so I am almost in tears with how happy I am for you! I truly am!!!!!!!! And I cannot wait to take this journey with you because I know you will be documenting everything on your blog!!! I am so excited 🙂

  11. Beautiful pic of you! I love that you’re not sharing your weight gain! I see so many bloggers doing this and always cringe a little. it’s so different for each individual and as long as your eating healthy and taking care of yourself (and I’m sure you are), who cares!

  12. I had a hunch too based on your carb heavy meals. That’s how my principal figured out when I was because I had saltines on me all the time. Funny when you first find out and you have all these symptoms but you can’t really share the news. Congratulations and enjoy this time. Around 14 weeks I busted out the maternity clothes and never looked back!

  13. Huge congratulations to you and to your husband! I hope all continues to go great. (I am due about a month after you, and it will be extra fun to follow along with your updates.)

  14. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My appetite was the same with my first pregnancy – all things beautiful, green, and leafy made me nauseous. I loaded up on fries with cheese sauce for dipping. I also had gained 50 lbs by the end of my pregnancy. It took a VERY long time to get that off. Now, with my second pregnancy, I am having the same food aversions though this time VERY conscious of the importance of just saying no to those oh so coveted carbs. You’re very inspiring!

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