blueberry oatmeal smoothie

As promised, today I am delivering the blueberry oatmeal smoothie from the Runner’s World Cookbook. You know I love my smoothies and this one ranks up high in my book!  I like that itz packed with protein even though it uses no protein powder.  Since I haven’t been working out, I haven’t been using protein powder like I used to, so I welcomed this recipe with open arms an open mouth.  Here you go, friends!

RW blueberry oatmeal smoothie

Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie

  • 1 cup milk (I used 2% dairy)
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed

Tastes like a blueberry muffin without all the added fat and sugar. Fabulous breakfast!

Today’s episode of WIAW is brought to you by Peas and Crayons.

Lunch was looking pretty random for me yesterday as I packed cottage cheese, an apple, sunflower seed butter, and popcorn.  However, I happened to overhear the third grade team talking about ordering lunch, so I jumped right in that conversation and suggested the fourth grade team should order, as well!  Delicious salad from Dave & Tony’s for the win!


I love Dave & Tony’s because you can build your own salad and add lots of goodness!

Dinner included a tuna melt.  I simply toasted a piece of bread with Wild Planet tuna and topped it with cheese.  It was mighty tasty.  This was the first time I’d tried Wild Planet and Jonny and I both agreed that the tuna was noticeably better than other canned brands.  Itz more expensive (though I received mine free to review), but itz for good reason.  Wild Planet is huge on sustainability and claim their tuna has the highest Omega-3 and low levels of mercury.  They add no water or oil to their tuna.

tuna melt

I had a head of cauliflower that needed to be used, so I decided to make mashed cauliflower.  You know, like the fake, healthier version of mashed potatoes?  Well, I also tried to take a shortcut and use my blender instead of my mini food processor.  This caused me to add way more milk than I normally would have and we wound up with cauliflower soup.

cauliflower soup

No complaints from me or Jonny!  I literally steamed the head of cauliflower and threw it in the blender with almost two cups of milk, a dash of salt, garlic, and pepper.  After blending, I topped our bowls with some cheese.  Winner winner chicken cauliflower dinner!

Talk to me!  What tasty eats have you been enjoying lately?

26 thoughts on “blueberry oatmeal smoothie

  1. That smoothie looks fantastic (as all your smoothies do)! I’ve only ever added oatmeal to my smoothie by soaking them overnight like overnight oats, but I should definitely try adding them “raw.” And that dinner looks like a great healthy take on comfort food!

  2. I think I just like looking at your smoothie pictures. They are always so beautiful! This one sounds yummy, though I’d switch out the cow juice for something plant based.

    I wish I could get my husband to eat cauliflower. There are only one or two things that he refuses to eat and cauliflower is one of them. Too bad because I thing mashed cauliflower or cauliflower soup both sound pretty good.

  3. That cauliflower soup actually sounds AHHHHHmazing! Ive loved using my blendtec lately for soups!

    p.s. that salad looks awesome. I’m at a point right now where making a salad doesn’t sound good at.all, but when other people make it for me? I’m all about it. hah!

  4. I’ve been still on my smoothie kick over here too! We love our smoothies:) Now mine are filled with some pumpkin flavors though.
    This smoothie sounds super delicious!

  5. Have you ever tried adding warm, cooked oatmeal to your blueberry smoothie? A friend showed me this a little while back, and it does a good job of replacing the need for a really heavy breakfast. It tastes good, is filling, and during these cold fall and winter months (coming up in my part of the world), it really hits the spot!

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  7. I love starting my day with smoothies! They seem to hold me more than other breakfast food (plus they’re so good!). My regular go-to recipe is similar to yours, except lactose-free. I use almond milk in place of the regular milk, and instead of yogurt, I throw a banana in there. Sometimes some strawberries. YUM! Great way to start the day!

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