Nutella Smoothie from Nadoz

I’ve written about Nadoz Cafe several times before.  Itz great for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, or juice.  Vino Nadoz is itz upscale neighbor, but today’s focus is on Nadoz Cafe.  Last night, Alive Magazine teamed up with Nadoz to share their amazing smoothies and juices.  They offered bloggers a complimentary drink while giving everyone else 20% off just because they’re awesome like that.  (If you missed this event, be sure to like Nadoz Cafe on Facebook to stay up to date on all their great specials!)

Anyway, Diana and I headed to Nadoz for dinner.  Here’s our plates:

nadoz dinner

On the left, you see the Veggie Medi Wrap which contains roasted red pepper hummus, mixed greens, artichoke, chopped tomato, mushrooms, and feta cheese with balsamic vinaigrette in a whole wheat wrap.  You have your choice of a side, but the southwestern quinoa salad is a must!  On the right, you have the Nutella crepe which is exactly what it sounds and looks like with added chocolate chips on top.  Who got what?

Yeah, that’s right – in true healthy living blogger style, I ordered the actual dinner and Diana opted to enjoy dessert for dinner.  Well, after we both demolished our delicious dinners, we sat and talked for quite awhile.  I kept eying Diana’s empty plate that had Nutella smeared all over it.  What I really wanted to do was bend down and lick the plate, but that wouldn’t have been very ladylike in public (at home, it would have been fine), so instead I scraped the remaining Nutella with a fork.

Then, Diana continued to feed my habit of cleaning her plate by lifting up her knife and showing me how much Nutella was left on it.  I did what any normal person would do…


I didn’t want any Nutella to go to waste!  (Proud healthy living blogger moment – ha!)  As we sat, talked, and let our dinners digest, we both decided to get a Nutella smoothie for dessert.  Itz contents were: Nutella (duh), frozen bananas, and milk.  On the menu said soy milk, but we both asked for almond milk and they happily obliged.

nutella smoothie

Holy cow, these were the thickest and most amazing smoothies ever!  The girl put an ungodly amount of Nutella in the blender and it was awesome.  As we watched her scoop and scoop the hazelnut goodness, both of our jaws dropped as we saw the jar she was scooping from.  I did what any healthy living blogger would do and asked if I could steal take a look at the enormous jar.


Itz bigger than my head!  The smoothie was so filling that I took part of it home to share with Jonny (good wife there, eh?).  He agreed it was fabulous.  St. Louis friends, the Nadoz Cafe Nutella smoothie definitely gets my vote.  You won’t be disappointed!

What’s your favorite way to eat Nutella?

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