What NOT Running Taught Me

Itz Friday! Itz Friday! Itz Friday! Woo-wee this felt like a long week and I am so thankful the weekend is here.  Today I’m actually guest posting on Tina’s blog, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet around here.  (Yes, Tina is the creator of Best Body Bootcamp!  Anyone looking to purchase a ridiculously affordable eight-week fitness plan that incorporates weights and cardio must check it out.  I’ve done it for two different sessions and love it!)

Anyway, today’s topic is perfect considering my post earlier this week on Why I Stopped Working Out and Tina’s Own Your Distance (#beamazing) post.

what NOT running taught me

What NOT Running Taught Me – Itz a post about how life goes on in the fitness world even when running comes to a halt.  I explored many other fitness avenues in the past year since not running and was even able to apply some of the lessons to my everyday life.

You can read the post HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!  And to my Jewish friends and family: May you have a meaningful fast tomorrow for Yom Kippur!  What are your weekend plans?

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