So I’ve got a funny story for you on this lovely Monday.  (Itz a short one, no worries.)  When I was in college at Mizzou, my parents occasionally came up for football games.  Well one particular afternoon, my mom was reading the big screen and asked if I’d ever been to, “Mutigers.”  I hadn’t heard of it, so I peered in the direction she was looking and realized she was reading MUtigers (MU tigers) as one word.


My dad and I got quite the laugh and we still tease her to this day.  (Love you, Mom!)  Anyway, this past weekend Jonny and I went to Mizzou with our best friends Diana and Andy.  Diana and I were people watching (aka paying really good attention to the football game) and Diana asked, “What’s O-B-E-Y?”  Again, I was confused so I glanced in the direction where she was looking.  I replied, “You mean ‘obey?'”  Instantly, we busted out laughing as it was just one of those moments.  So funny.  Diana definitely won’t live that one down for quite some time.  😉

As we headed to Mizzou, we packed our bags, filled the coolers, and attached the tiger tail.

tiger tail

A tiger tail is a must when driving to Columbia and we saw tons of other cars with them.  We had such a fun day and night at Mizzou.  Diana, Andy, and I all went to Mizzou for school and Jonny has always been a fan just being from St. Louis.  Not only did the Tigers win, we had a blast, as always, with DiAndy.  We had a wonderful dinner at Sophia’s followed by frozen custard at Andy’s.  It was marvelous indeed!

Marvelous in my Monday hosted by Healthy Diva Life!

Itz awesome being in Columbia on game days because literally 99.9% of the people are sporting their black and gold.  The only thing that’s different now compared to when we went to Mizzou, is that now a lot of people get really dressed up for games.  Like, heels or boots and dresses, something we would have never worn to a football game in our days (yes, a mere five years ago!).  Apparently itz because Mizzou is now part of the SEC.

Diana Andy

Diana & Andy

We all still dressed pretty casually to the game.  Plus, it was 95 degrees outside under the blazing sun, so wearing anything remotely nice was not appealing whatsoever.

jonny mizzou

What’s your alma mater?  Did/do you tailgate and go to the football games? MIZ!

28 thoughts on “mutigers

  1. Looks like you had a marvelous time 🙂

    Even though I live in Australia my boyfriend is a huge NFL fan. Ever since he went to Hawaii for work a few years ago and got hooked on it watching it there so he always watches it Monday nights here and wants me to celebrate with him when his team wins!

  2. I went to McGill in Montreal and the culture there is just so different. It’s basically NOT cool to have any team spirit and no one goes to any of the sports games, it’s so sad. It also doesn’t help that we suck at everything except hockey…welcome to Canada!

  3. Frozen Custard? That is so neat. YUM! I’ve seen reindeers for Christmas or Flags during playoffs but that tiger tail is just something else – so cute. Loving the spirit!

  4. Looks like so much fun! Unfortunately I went to a smaller school so never got the big football experience and I’m so bummed about it! I’ll just have to make up for it now 😉

  5. So much fun! And hilarious! I went to a little artsy school so no sports. Just dance. Plenty of Chicago Bears tailgating though. And the Caveman is a huuuuuge Michigan fan.

  6. I’m bummed that y’all aren’t part of the Big 12 any more – I loved the huge rivalry between KU and Mizzu. (I live 25 miles south of Lawrence.) Even though we live in KS, I’m from TX and a Longhorn!!! I didn’t go to a college there (I went to a smaller university in TX) but since moving to another KS I have become 100% Longhorn!

  7. University of Arkansas!! Woo pig!!
    We used to tailgate the games and have a special tailgating spot every year with all of our friends. We all have recently moved or made big life changes though so this is the first year we don’t have our tailgating spot. I’m going to miss it (I was the “cookie mom” of the group…imagine that)!

  8. HAHA. Laughing out loud about that mutigers story! that is SO something I would’ve done. Hahaha 🙂

    I totes never dressed ‘up’ for football games in college. Such a waste! Climbing those bleachers is hard work–why make it harder in heels???!

    LOVE your hair!

  9. I am currently a freshman at Mizzou and was at that game! I only made it to third quarter…I was melting. And some of my friends were all dressed up but I rolled with a t shirt and some shorts. Its too hot to look fancy! It’s so cool that you still go to games! Maybe I’ll see you some time haha

  10. Andy’s first comment was, we made the blog! Thanks for sharing the story and not making me feel like a huge idiot! It was a great weekend! Would love to go again with you guys, just hope next time the weather is a little cooler!

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