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Happy happy Friday!  What a whirlwind of a week this has been with Monday being Labor Day and yesterday being Rosh Hashanah.  For those of you who don’t know, Rosh Hashanah is a holiday to celebrate the Jewish New Year.  My parents hosted dinner on Wednesday night and mid-dinner Jonny received a phone call from his brother who had just proposed!  And she said yes!

becca robbie

Itz extra awesome because Jonny proposed to me on Rosh Hashanah five years ago!  We’re excited to welcome Becca into the Itzko family and I can’t believe that all THREE of my brothers will be planning their upcoming weddings!  My older brother got engaged in March, my little brother got engaged in April, and now my brother-in-law is engaged!  Robbie and Becca are coming to St. Louis this weekend, so we’ll get to celebrate their engagement.  And of course talk wedding details.  Well, Becca and I will.

My mom always sets a beautiful table and this year’s holiday was no different.

rosh hashana

I didn’t take any pictures of the food, but it was quite the delicious spread per usual.  There was lots of happiness as there always is when our family gets together.  Big thanks to my wonderful parents for hosting the evening and who not only show a great deal of love for each other, but truly have an unconditional love for all of us, as well.

mom dad

Even though family events are pretty busy and a lot of time is spent running after all the little rug rats, my mom, sister, and I always find a moment or two to snap a selfie!

mom steph

And don’t tell the others, but I’m totally my dad’s favorite…


I promise Jonny was there even though we didn’t get any pictures of us two together.  However, his best little buddy is our niece sweet Audrey Rose, so I’ll show you a picture of her instead because she’s just too stinkin’ cute!


What makes you happy happy?

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  1. I love the relationship you have with your family <3 I love that you share these stories, too! Thanks, love <3 They make ME happy 🙂 Something else making me happy is the support I'm getting from my parents and my boyfriend and his parents, too. They are all so supportive of me and my new school year and I am over the moon happy about that.

  2. I saw that picture of you and your father on IG and thought you looked absolutely gorgeous 🙂 What a beautiful way to celebrate a holiday. Congrats to your brother in law!! Weddings are so exciting. I’m just getting to the age where everyone is starting to get engaged/married and it’s so much fun to get to attend all of these weddings. These brisk fall-temps in the morning make me happy, as does a weekend starting very soon 😉

  3. I love that you are so close with your family. You can see how much you all care for each other in the pics. Happy new year and congrats to the many upcoming new married couples!

  4. Sounds like a very happy time for your family!
    So happy to hear your family is so close, I’m like that with mine and I love it and wouldn’t change that fact for the world.

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