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Happy happy Monday!  Today I’m sharing my marvelous weekend highlights with you, so sit back and enjoy.  It was low-key and lovely – bit by bit, day by day, here we go:

Friday night: Jonny and I went to Bristol for dinner.  I ordered lobster bisque (so rich, but so good!) and the lobster salad.  It was lobster deliciousness.  Next, we Redboxed the Jackie Robinson movie 42.  It was awesome!  I learned a lot about the history of baseball, the hardships Jackie had to go through, and how he literally changed the American game.  Definitely see it.  Zoey enjoyed the movie, too. 🙂  She had to wear her comfy cone though.

jonny zoey

The Comfy Cone is way better than a traditional cone, but itz still so sad.  Zoey has really bad skin allergies and we’re still working to figure it out and make her feel better.  Itz been a two-year+ long nightmare including allergy shots, special veterinary food, and more.

Saturday morning: Trader Joe’s shopping trip which included fresh flowers and a basil plant.  Colorful flowers make me so happy and definitely brighten up any room!  I always take one stem of yellow daisies and put it in a smaller vase for our table.


My mother-in-law has been encouraging me to get a fresh basil plant for a long time, and I finally saw them at Trader Joe’s.  We have a tomato garden in our backyard, so I foresee lots of tomato and basil dishes in our future!

Saturday afternoon: Pool time!  Jonny and I went to my in-laws’ pool to enjoy this summer weather we’re having.  Their backyard is beautiful.  I’ve just got a small snapshot for you to see, but they put a lot of work into their backyard and it shows.  Itz such a relaxing and peaceful place to be.


Of course, our dog-in-laws Zorro and Paris enjoyed some sun, as well.

Saturday night: Jonny and I went to a Cardinals game.  It was a great game against the Braves and we won 6 – 2!  Somehow I managed to take NO pictures during the game, but we saw two awesome outfits worth nothing.  The first was an old man as we walked into Busch Stadium.  He was wearing a white button-up, navy sports coat, and a Cardinals bow tie.  So adorable.  Then, there was a guy a few rows in front of us rockin’ jeans, an Under Armour tank, snake-skin boots, and a cowboy hat.  Quite the interesting look, for a Cardinals game much less!  People watching is the best.

Happy Marvelous in my Monday to you! Thanks Healthy Diva for hosting!

Sunday morning: My grandma Mama and I had a movie date and went to see the movie The Butler.  Itz about an African American butler who worked in the White House and served eight American presidents over three decades during the civil rights movement.   This is the movie that Oprah Winfrey is in.  All the actors and actresses were amazing.  It was a good history lesson, as well.  This is another movie I’d recommend.


We sat in one of the new theaters where the chairs are recliners and there are waiters who serve a full menu.  While we didn’t take advantage of the food, we did enjoy reclining during the movie and putting our feet up. Itz so comfy!

Sunday afternoon: Laundry, meal prep, lesson planning, paper grading, and more grocery shopping.  I’m totally loving summer fruit right now!  Between Trader Joe’s and our local grocery store, this weekend I bought raspberries, blackberries, oranges, apples, bananas, watermelon, and peaches.  Obviously not all summer fruits, but all delicious nonetheless.  The peaches are huge and juicy!

Sunday night: Dinner at my in-laws as usual!  They prepared another tasty dinner like they always do of grilled salmon, whole wheat pasta with homemade tomato sauce, and the freshest salad from a friend’s garden.  We love being so close to them and our weekly  tradition of dinner together.  We were asked to bring dessert, so instead of baking we brought a tub of Sunny Salted Caramel Pretzel ice cream.  And believe it or not, it was the first time we had ice cream all weekend.  That’s impressive!  🙂  Definitely worth the wait!

What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?  Weekend highlights?

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  1. I always love reading about bloggers who gush about their family. Glad you & Johnny enjoyed so much time together & with your in-laws. Your whole weekend sounds fabulous.

  2. Loveee both of those movies! So glad you enjoyed them too. On a bit of a lighter movie note, I saw “We’re The Millers” and thought it was hilarious!!! Not stupid funny. Actually funny (and I don’t usually like funny movies). Happy Monday!

    • We’re The Millers is totally my type of of movie! I love the funny movies – stupid or not! And I know it got bad reviews – probably means I will love it even more haha

  3. I also got flowers from TJ’s this weekend – I love how much flowers can brighten up a room 🙂 We had a busy weekend for our first official weekend in Chicago – lots of biking and running and family time – it was great!

  4. My Shih Tzu has skin allergies too. He was biting his paws constantly and didn’t even want to walk on one of his paws because it was so swollen and irritated. The Vet just recently put him on a new allergy medicine and it has helped SO much. He had to take it every day for a week and now just every other day until October or so. I can send you the name of it later if you want.

    • ugh skin allergies are so annoying!! we seriously have tried everything… every drug, allergy shots, food elimination diet… it seems as though the steroid prednisone is literally the only thing that helps 🙁

  5. I loved “42” too!! SUCH a good movie. And that Butler movie sounds good too–I hadn’t even heard of it?!

    Mmmmm ice cream! I had some saturday–it was homemade blueberry raspberry from a baby shower. oh my gosh, SO GOOD. we also saw iron man 3–it was okay…I didn’t love it?

    Mmmmm basil & tomatoes!!!

  6. Ive heard good things about the Bulter! My mom saw it as well as week. I had a 10k race over the weekend. Went very well, I am happy about that! Looks like you had a busy and fun weekend!! 🙂

  7. Sounds like a great weekend girl! Good idea to pick up basil – there’s seriously nothing better than the combo of fresh basil and tomatoes (plus cheese of course ;)).

    I haven’t seen a movie in ages! I think the last one I saw was This is the End way back in July. I thought it was hilarious!

  8. I just watched some of “We’re the Millers” but the only movie I’ve seen in theaters in awhile was “Elysium” and really enjoyed it. I didn’t get fidgety like I normally do!

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