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Itz a tech world we live in, friends.  While this is obvious in today’s age, I wanted to write about how much more technology enables us to do and how much it connects us.  The beautiful thing about technology is that itz for anyone and everyone.  Technology doesn’t care your age, gender, race, religion, fitness level, etc.  The importance of technology in one’s life starts before you’re even born!  (Think: ultrasounds + more) Then, there are baby toys with technology, schools now incorporate technology, there’s an emphasis on social media for teens and adults, alike.  As people age, there is technology to support illnesses or daily life.  Technology is all around us everyday making a difference.

My Blog – The most significant way I use technology in my life.  My beloved blog, which I started nearly two years ago with my original header that I still love today.


Blogging is so much more than merely writing down my thoughts, recipes, and workouts.  Itz connected me with people who I would have never met otherwise.  The Healthy Living Summit and Blend Retreat were two blogger conventions that provided me the opportunity to meet real life people from all over the country who I’d only previously known through the internet.  Itz allowed me to develop friendships and relate to people all over the world!  (Hello, all my non-United States readers!)  That’s an amazing thing – the fact that I’m connecting with people from different countries all because my blog.  Incredible.

My iPhone – My iPhone is constantly attached at my hip (well, besides when I’m teaching fourth grade).  I do everything on my phone including take pictures.  Yes, yes, I’ll admit it: I’m an iPhone photographer.  But hey, that iPhone takes stellar photos!  And you know you’re around other bloggers when you get your picture taken as you’re taking very important pictures… like stuffed animal cows and ice cream…

iphone camera

Thanks to Annette for capturing this very special moment.

Social Media – Wow, has this exploded over the years!  When Facebook first came out, I remember thinking, “What’s the big deal?”  It didn’t take long before I quickly became obsessed enamored along with the rest of my college friends.  Itz a way to share information, keep up with others, and learn new things.  Shameless plug: follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Fitness – There are a billion ways technology is included in the fitness world.  For one thing, all social media sites are involved.  I post sweaty pictures on Instagram, I engage in fitness conversation on Facebook, I am motivated with Twitter, and I pin new workouts on Pinterest.  Not to mention, there are tons of fitness apps available, as well.

Pic Tap Go – This is the best iPhone photo editing site according to my sister (professional photographer).  I actually should probably do an entire post on this, but it has a million filters, you can choose the intensity of each filter, and you can layer the filters.  I love it.  I will provide you with a tutorial later, so for now I’ll show you some of the crazy things we do with technology to capture that one awesome moment!  Like sit in the middle of the road taking a picture…

steph tech

That is my sister Stephanie trying to capture me doing a handstand, split jump, and backbend in front of a beautiful lake at Innsbrook.

PicMonkey – PicMonkey is the best [free] photo editing site on the computer!  This is what I use to do all my graphics and add my to my pictures.  I first learned about it from Katie as she wrote an awesome beginner’s tutorial for PicMonkey.

Technology in Schools – As you know, I teach fourth grade and the use of technology in schools has increased drastically in the [short] six years I’ve been teaching.  At my school, every teacher has their own laptop.  Each classroom has a SMARTboard, document camera, and eight student computers.  In addition, each grade level has a laptop cart full with twenty-five laptops.  A SMARTboard is an interactive whiteboard.  You hook your computer up to it and itz SO engaging for students.  A document camera has replaced the old school overhead projectors with transparencies and makes life much easier.  Itz such a powerful tool, not too mention incredibly convenient.  I could really turn this entire topic into itz own post!  I’ll save that for a follow-up tech post.

Self Timers – So this isn’t super new, but itz still an awesome part of technology.  I mean after all, otherwise how would my family capture everyone who was at our Innsbrook vacation in our matching t-shirts as no one else was around?  Self timer saves the day!


FaceTime – iPhone lovers know what I’m talking about here!  It used to be Skype (which is still awesome), but the fact that you can FaceTime anytime anywhere is awesome.  I FaceTime my little brother all the time as he lives in Arizona and it makes it feel like he’s not so far away.  The best is doubling up with technology – just last night we were FaceTiming and he decided to try Crow Pose for the first time ever.  I took a screenshot when he so naturally got up on his very first try!  Like a boss:

justin crow

Online Dating – Ok I still feel like this is a subject that’s hush hush, but I’m just going to come out with it.  Jonny and I met on an online dating site for Jewish people called JDate!  Eek, itz out!  I used to be so embarrassed about that fact, but now that we are three years into our blissful marriage I’m a little more ok with sharing our story.  Itz funny actually because it turned out that we went to neighboring high schools and knew TONS of mutual people.  Not to mention the fact that Jonny’s dad and my mom went to elementary and high school together and my dad and his mom went to high school together!  Small world at itz finest.  And of course we were happy to have technology included during our wedding to capture our special day.


This post has gotten a bit longer, and I do apologize about that, so I’ll bring it to an end now.  I didn’t even realize in just how many ways technology was involved in my life until I really started typing and reflecting.  I could literally create an entire post on each of the subjects I briefly touched on today.  Enough about me, I want to know about YOU.

Let’s talk!  How do YOU use technology to improve your life? 

49 thoughts on “itz a tech world

    • I’ll totally post a pic tap go tutorial – itz seriously the best!! so when i come to visit you, i’ll get some delicious (healthy) jewish food?? yippee!!!!!! 😉

  1. I often complain about how attached I am to technology these days but then I think about the wonderful aspects of it. I am especially grateful for Skype/Face Time since all of my family members live across the country. With technology my parents/siblings/friends have been able to share things like birthday parties, opening presents on Christmas morning or just “seeing” each other weekly.

  2. it’s such a love hate relationship. I mean we’ve come so far with technology and it helps us connect and share and get creative! but then we need to balance it out , yes?
    JDate did ya well!!

    • balance is most definitely needed! as amazing as technology is and how far itz come, we do need to remember those PERSONAL relationships, as well! 🙂

  3. There is a fine line with technology and sometimes I feel like I am a bit too connected but it is great! I’m also an iPhone photographer and my new blog is like my baby haha (creepy?!) SO AWESOME that you and Jonny met on Jdate!!! Thank you for sharing that 🙂 I was on Jdate for a month and one bad date scared me away… it’s wonderful to know that people do find love!

    • haha! online dating is a tricky thing! jonny and i were both literally the first person we both met on jdate and after our first date we pulled our profiles and have been together ever since! 🙂

  4. Technology is truly amazing, and I know I’ve become super dependent on it. I mean…here I am commenting on this post. I rely on it to keep my blogging going and I’ve been able to reconnect with people using various social media sites.

  5. Being pretty much a stay at home mom, technology has been my amazing! I feel like it’s my ticket to the outside world sometimes. I gives me a place where I can talk about my deepest feelings and fun happy times along with share in others. Not to mention… I met you! 🙂

  6. I think technology has so, so many benefits. I do everything with my iphone and panic if I don’t have it for a day, I mean what if I hadn’t had my phone when my car broke down this weekend? I would have freaked out! I am also able to talk to my family that lives in london without costing anything 🙂

  7. I LOVE that you and Jonny met through an online dating site! I have quite a few friends now that have met their spouses through a similar site and I think it is amazing 🙂 Blogging is one of the biggest ways I use technology and it has made such a huge impact in my life – I don’t know where I’d be without it!

  8. Okay, I just downloaded Pic Tap Go so I’m ready to learn about it. While I was searching the TimerCam app popped up so I downloaded that too!

    I love using my iphone for so much that keeps me in touch with my family (especially my new grandson). With Face Time I was able to see him before I had a chance to go visit, I have millions of pictures, plus the shared photo stream is son can drop a picture in and it appears instantly on my phone. Love it!

    BTW, I love the look on your face while your brother is doing his side crow. So proud 🙂

    • haha i have the timer cam app too! i actually got it for my husband to take pictures of me because he always shakes the phone when he tries to push the picture button! lol

  9. That’s great! I was super skeptical of online dating sites at first, but I keep hearing more and more success stories (and seeing awesome wedding photos), so I feel more confident about it now. JDate looks awesome. What if I want to find a super awesome Jewish guy, too?! haha

  10. It is pretty crazy how far we have come since I was a kid. I seriously don’t know how I lived without my iphone! The only issue I have is that the young kids all want iphones, ipads and I just think there needs to be more of a limit.

    • absolutely! i don’t think that kids need to be SO invested in technology in terms of social media at a young age or mindless games (especially to replace old fashioned reading and socializing in person!!)

  11. This is such a great post–b/c there are many downsides to technology, but you shared all the positives. Love it!

    I love my iphone too. And yes, I too am an iphone photographer & PROUD Of it! hah.

    P.s. I love your & jonny’s story!! esp since I technically knew both of you before you knew eachother. bwhahahaha!


    • definitely tried to focus on the positive! 🙂 and yes SO funny that you really did know both of us before we met!! craaaaazy how connected you and i are / have been FOREVER! xo

  12. JDate! That is cool! I love my timer app(s). And just upgrade to PicMonkey royalty. LOL (more features). Technology, as much as I am on it 24/7, I have a love-hate relationship w technology. In ways it allows me to keep in touch w/family and friends more often, then at the same point I miss the in person interaction. sometimes I feel tech replaces.

    but on the good side, regarding blogging – I have had many cool convos and connections w/ peeps w/ the use of tech. and its extra sweet when I meet that online friend in person.

    • i do think there is a line between too much technology and how much it does help us! there is absolutely no replacement for that in person contact, however i do think itz amazing that technology can connect friends and family from afar! 🙂

  13. We use a lot of similar technology…. I am a teacher too (taught 4th last year but looped to 5th with my students) and I use it DAILY. Smartboards, ipads, even my iphone in the classroom. It’s definitely a huge shift in our society and one that isn’t going away any time soon!

    • lol!! my iphone was my first smart phone and i kept saying i didn’t “really need it” uhh i didn’t know what i was missing before!!!!

  14. Great post! I love your recommendations for photo editing, esp. on the iPhone!

    Since moving to Australia last year, I don’t know what I would do without FaceTime/Skype! I’m visiting home (Canada) right now, and even though I haven’t seen my daily & friends in year, it doesn’t feel that way. It really is the best thing ever! (iMessage is also incredible). Yay, Apple! haha

  15. I use technology such as FB, IG and Twitter to help get my blog out there for readers to obviously read! It has helped so much.
    That is great that you and your hubby met on an online dating site. It shows that a happy ever after is possible!! 🙂

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