Generational Tree Pose

Ever since my almost-2-year-old niece Audrey Rose practiced Tree Pose with me at Innsbrook last month, she apparently has been all about it – even when I’m not around.  So when I was over at my sister’s house on Monday for my birthday dinner, you better believe she wanted to show me Tree Pose over and over again.  It got even cuter when we were outside on the deck and my beautiful grandmother Mama joined Audrey in Tree Pose.  Obviously I had to jump right in and have a photograph taken to capture the moment!

tree pose

Isn’t it precious?  I’m in love with the picture!  Itz the Generational Tree Pose.
Itz a great representation not only how gorgeous my grandma is, but how willing she is to be involved in our lives in every aspect.  I mean how many other people can say they do yoga with their grandma?  And Mama is Audrey’s great grandma.  Pretty awesome.  I’m definitely blessed that all my grandparents are such an important part of my life.

On a separate note, I can’t believe my first week of school is over!  (Well, at 4:00 pm today it will be.)  I “looped” with my students which means I have my same kiddos I had in third grade now in fourth grade.  I’m lucky because they’re all awesome and I’m not just saying that.  Itz fantastic to already know all of my students and know just where to begin in terms of academics.  I know itz only the first week, but I’m a huge fan of looping!  And because itz school related, here’s my “first day of school” picture from Tuesday:

school pic

Here’s to a fabulous year in fourth grade!

Do you do yoga with anyone in your family?  Who?  Weekend plans?

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  1. It sounds like your whole family is awesome! I’ve done a yoga DVD with my husband once and nearly bust out laughing at his inflexibility (and I’m pretty bad myself) so we didn’t try that again!

  2. I can’t say I do yoga with my grandmother, but after showing her my green smoothies she bought a nutri-bullet and has one every morning. She like yours is very interested in my every day life and tries to relate to it as best as she can. Happy Friday – Congratulations on a well-deserved weekend. I always liked when teachers “looped” with my class as well – there is that instant familiarity and bond the second year around.

  3. No one in my family practices yoga 🙁 I think it’s pretty sweet that your whole family gets in on activity and health and happiness. Such a fun family photo. Weekend plans: paint, friends birthday party, run/bike, paint.

  4. Wow, that is awesome that your grandma can do tree pose, great picture too! My youngest goes into fourth grade this fall (we still have two weeks of neverending summer break left…) – I wish he had his 3rd grade teacher for another year!

  5. That is a beautiful picture! My grandmother was very active, she is 82 and her health took (is taking) a sudden turn. however up until 6 months ago she was taking fitness classes weekly and walking/jogging (yes jogging) 3-5 miles EVERY day. She motivated me all the time.

  6. That is so awesome that you have the same kids. My mom loves being a librarian, because she gets to watch the kids grow through the years along with their reading abilities. Oh the first day of school picture! Very cute!

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