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Thank you all for the sweet birthday messages yesterday!  I feel so loved as I was totally flooded with phone calls, texts, comments, tweets, e-mails, and all sorts of messages.  You sure know how to make a girl feel special!

Itz no secret that birthday cake is my all time favorite flavor in any and everything, so yesterday I basically ate it  Seriously though, I did.

Starting at six o’clock in the morning, I kicked off my birthday with a hot cup of birthday cake tea from David’s Tea.  My girl Meg bought me a canister of this last year for my birthday.  Itz especially awesome since we don’t have a David’s Tea here in St. Louis.

birthday tea

Can you see the freeze-dried sprinkles in there?  Unbelievable.  I add a dash of vanilla almond milk and itz birthday cake in a mug.  Great start to the birthday!

Once I got hungry for breakfast, I obviously made myself a birthday cake protein smoothie.  Lindsay commented on my post yesterday that I should make myself one and my smoothie was literally in the blender at the time!  Us Lindsays are always on the same wavelength and full of good ideas! 🙂

birthday smoothie

I order the Muscle Milk Cake Batter protein powder from  (Use my code VAJ523 to save money on your first order!).  Sprinkles are definitely a necessity in this smoothie.

If you think the birthday treats in the morning stopped there, you’re totally wrong.  I got to school to put some last minute touches on my classroom and my co-worker Kristen brought me a pastry from Pastries of Denmark!


I’m not sure the name of it, but it was ridiculous whatever it was.  The main part was a very dense and delicious macaroon while the bottom was dipped in chocolate.  It was topped with a thick cream and fresh raspberries.  Mmm!  I offered to share, but no one wanted any, so…. I had to eat the whole thing by myself.  Darn.

Oh, and I almost forgot – on Sunday night when we celebrated our birthdays with my in-laws, they treated us to cupcakes and birthday party ice cream!

birthday dessert

The treats still didn’t stop there.  My sister Stephanie hosted a lovely birthday dinner for Jonny and me.  My parents are out of town, so she took the reigns and did a fabulous job!  I know it took awhile to prepare as she, like my mom, attends to every last detail.  I mean she even made dinner menus!  I’ll show you more pictures tomorrow of the food and the meal; for now I’ll give you our typical sisters pictures.


I’m so lucky to have a seester like you!  And well done on the cooking, too!  Sometimes Steph jokes about her cooking abilities, but the whole evening was no joke!  Wait for tomorrow til I show you her masterpiece!

I feel incredibly blessed to celebrate my birthday with my grandparents.  They have always been a huge part of my life and I know they always will be.  They are the most amazing people I know, simply put, and are as full of life as they are with love for all of us.

mama papa poppy

Mama, Papa, and Poppy – I love you so much!  Thank you for your constant support in everything I do: the blog, teaching, cooking, working out, and more!

And since today’s post is focused on birthday cake all day I’ve got to show you our birthday cake from last night.  It was a chocolate chip cookie cake.  The green and orange is incredibly significant as Jonny went to the University of Miami and is a big fan obsessed; his eyes literally lit up when he saw the cake.  Group shots:


So much birthday love!  Thank you to everyone who helped make my 28th birthday so wonderful.  Much love to everyone!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?  With family?  With friends?  At a restaurant?  At home?  At a bar?

33 thoughts on “birthday cake all day

  1. It sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your birthday!!! My birthday is this coming Friday and my husband and I are going out to dinner that evening and then Saturday, we’re going to my parents’ for a bday celebration. I can’t wait!

  2. Your birthday looked wonderful!!! I hope you felt special all day (and everyday) as you so deserve it! You may have inspired a potential birthday recipe for me (mine is in 2 weeks)….David’s Birthday Cake tea in a birthday cake smoothie??? YES PLEASE

  3. That final cake looks delicious – someone is a talented baker! It sounds like you had a lovely time celebrating with your family and friends – that’s how I enjoy celebrating my birthday most too. I definitely want to try that flavour of David’s tea. I love sprinkles!

  4. Happy Belated, beautiful! 🙂 I hope the year is full of wonderful new adventures for you.

    I LOVE cake flavored things as well. I especially love wedding cake. It’s always different between couples, but it always comes from a great bakery and tastes like perfection. I will definitely have to look into that birthday cake protein powder 😉

  5. OH HECK YES – Birthday Cake ALL DAY! 🙂 My birthday… I love spending it with family and friends. This past year was a good birthday, my dad actually flew in just to see me and take me and my brother and his gf/my friend to dinner! Talk about an awesome dad!

  6. That looked perfect!! I definitely ran with the birthday cake all day theme too. I wanted a birthday cake shake but I was out of my protein powder (isn’t that cake batter one the BEST?! OMG it makes the best protein fluff too on top of yogurt or oats. Killer). But I had cake batter pancakes! And a cupcake to share with Steve after breakfast AND dinner! Yessss!!!!

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