Yoga is a practice

Yoga is a practice.  I think we can all agree on that, right?  Today I want to talk more about the practice part.  Mind you, I’m no expert yogi.  No, no.  Despite all my yoga pictures, I’m really just a casual yogi.  However, this doesn’t make me any less of a yogi.  Perhaps some may disagree, but my feeling is that anyone can be a yogi no matter how often they practice.  The same principle applies to running.  Anyone can consider themselves a runner as long as they get out there and do it.  It all goes back to your perception of yourself, having confidence, and believing itz true – whatever that may be.

To practice yoga, you don’t have to be at a fancy shmancy studio.  You don’t have to follow a particular sequence.  Shoot, you don’t even have to know the names of the poses.  Make them up, why don’t ya.  Like this Stephanie sandwich:

steph sandwich yoga

Itz a funny thing actually, not just the actual pose, but the story behind it.  A couple of weeks ago we tried this same pose at my parents’ house.  Stephanie couldn’t stop laughing long enough for Jacob to balance as my dad lifted him on top.  We ended up settling for a makeshift picture of Jacob in the middle and little Audrey on top.  (With my dad and Stephanie on both sides to protect the tumble.)  Remember that?  It was a cute one, but not exactly what we were striving for.

The other day I was at my sister’s house after a particularly rough morning beginning a new cycle.  Itz hard not to smile when surrounded by family.  Jacob wanted to try new yoga poses and what better way to get out of a funk than by practicing yoga with your adorable four year old nephew?  So we took out my phone, loaded Instagram, and began searching for our next challenge.  Once again, he stumbled on a picture resembling the one above.  While we had tried just a couple of weeks before, Jacob was insistent that we try again, reminding his mommy not to laugh too much so she was able to balance.

Before, we had my mom or dad lift Jacob on top once Stephanie was balanced.  This time, Jacob’s idea was to get on his mom’s back, piggyback-style, and see if we could balance.  Well, once we were balanced, he stood up all on his own!  This just goes to show what perseverance can get you.  Take it from a four year old!

Floating Padmasana Jacob yogaFloating Padmasana

Isn’t Jacob just the cutest little yogi ever?  Stephanie was about to take the picture when Jacob said, “Wait!  I have to put my hands like this!” as he brought them to prayer position in front of his heart.  It doesn’t matter your age, it doesn’t matter your ability, it doesn’t matter your intentions, it doesn’t matter your frequency, yoga can be for anyone.

Yoga can heal, yoga can build muscles, yoga can be used as rejuvenation or relaxation.  Yoga can be silly and fun… especially if you practice with a four year old!

Bat Pose Jacob YogaBat Pose

In spite of everything that’s going on in my life, yoga always brings peace.  No matter my mood in the beginning, I always feel more at peace by the end.  Whether itz one pose, three poses, or a whole class of poses, yoga has the power to completely and totally change one’s mind, soul, and body – all for the better.

two legged inverted staff pose

Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana – Two Legged Inverted Staff Pose

Yoga can be done at any time of the day at any place.  In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.  Pre-workout, post-workout, or as your only workout.  One pose, two poses, ten poses.  In a studio, at the gym, in your backyard, in a living room, or a messy home office.  Make your own routine, take a class, imitate a pose from Instagram, or follow some postures from You Tube.  Whatever you choose, I encourage you to bring yoga into your life and reap the many benefits that it possesses.

Are you a yogi?  What’s your favorite type of yoga?  Thoughts on yoga?  Do tell!

40 thoughts on “Yoga is a practice

  1. I love this! I just recently started getting into yoga, and I am amazed at what my body is capable of and the difference I feel when I practice, both physically and mentally. Your nephew is quite impressive! I think he’s found his calling.

  2. This is great! I love these yoga poses and your nephew is adorable! I don’t do yoga as much as I used to (not sure why), but I love it! It makes me feel so relaxed and the stretches make your body feel amazing. I really need to get back into it asap!

  3. I love yoga! I practice at a studio twice a week and at home when needed. I really enjoy hot yoga because my instructor is awesome and she really pushes us. I think balance poses are my favorite.

  4. I am so happy that you wrote this post 🙂 I have been practicing yoga for a little over a year now but am no means a pro at it. It gives me so much peace and I have seen such a huge difference in my body — lengthening my muscles and feeling generally more flexible. I have just started practicing Moksha Yoga and it is amazing. I love the hot studio and sequence of poses. Practicing on my own is something that I want to start doing more.

  5. Until today I’ve never considered myself a runner or yogi even though I try to do both at least once a week. Thank you for establishing that you don’t have to be the best, to give yourself a title. I love yoga because there are so many different types for different moods. Some include music and some just let you acknowledge your thoughts. I really like Vinyasa flow but I am not opposed to Hatha when I just want peace and tranquility.

  6. Great post! Yes Yoga is so much more than the Asanas-it truly is a life changing Lifestyle. Why to include your family- that lil guy will have memories for a life time!

  7. I’m not a yogi and actually have never really tried it. But what really stuck out to me about this post is when you said, “it all goes back to your perception of yourself, having confidence, and believing it’s true. ” This is SOOO applicable to so many things in life. So, thank you.

    Those yoga poses are ridiculously cool. I’m super impressed!

  8. WHAT IN THE WORLD is going on in those pictures! Well whatever it is, it’s AWESOME AND I LOVE IT! I definitely have never done that yoga before… Maybe that’s why I kinda HATE IT! Sorry. But YOGA is not my jam… At all. I am a pilates girl, but sometimes it is even hard for me to do that! LOL! But I am going today… Yes… Going… to…dayyyyyy – LOL

  9. I loooove yoga and all of your super cute poses with your adorable nephew! I think my favorite pose is bridge – good for the booty 😉 Plus, at least at my studio, it is normally done near the end of class so I know I am already ready for final savasana (haha!)

  10. I’m a relatively new yogi, but I really love it! I like vinyasa yoga and hot yoga 🙂 I like the pidgeon pose and attempting to “take a bind” in some of the side twists. Maybe one day I’ll brave a bikrim class! Such creativity with your nephew!

    • i used do a lot of bikram and i really like it! it’s pretty fast paced which i like an itz the same sequence each class! for your first class, your goal is just to stay in the room because that in itzelf is a challenge. do it!! (and tell me how it goes!)

  11. Love this post! I’ve been doing yoga for over 5 years and I just now started taking my almost 2 year-old to family yoga classes. It amazes me how the little ones just join in! Thanks for sharing!

  12. love this!! we really need to start doing yoga more. practice our yoga more, when we do it we always say wow we feel great- we really need to do it more 🙂
    thanks for the inspiration!!

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  14. BAT POSE. That must be the best photo/position I have ever seen. OMG it is so funny. I bet you all had a scream shooting those pics. PS – love the new themed site. x

  15. I love this post! I absolutely LOVE yoga but don’t practice often and am still working slowly toward holding inversions and arm balances. As a result, I often shy away from calling myself a yogi. Thanks for the reminder to stop selling myself short!

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