5 Ways to Choose the Best Fitness Platform For You

This is a guest post on behalf of Fitblok.

5 Ways to Choose the Best Fitness Platform For You

So you’ve decided that you want to improve your fitness. Great, that’s the first step! But now the hard part… how are you going to do it? More importantly, how are you going to make sure you keep going once you’ve started?

Luckily, this is 2013, which means there are about a zillion different fitness related applications, websites, and services to choose from. No shortage of options here. But now you’re faced with another problem: Which one of these is absolutely guaranteed to get me to where I want to be?

The answer? None of them. The truth is, unless you’re in military boot camp and someone is physically forcing you to get up and move, there’s no absolute guarantee you’ll stick to any fitness regimen no matter how skillfully crafted it may be.

What you can do is choose a platform that maximizes your potential to achieve your fitness goals and gives you the best shot. To save you time, we’ve compiled some different aspects you should find in a good fitness platform as we did a little research on today’s options.

5 ways to choose the best fitness platform for you

1.) Look for fitness platform with continually new workouts

Recorded fitness classes are a big portion of what’s available, and with many services this is exactly what you get. These are the digital converts of VHS fitness tapes you never used 20 years ago. If you’re choosing from the same video library every day, your mind will get bored and not want to do the workouts. Even if you do them, your body has adjusted to them and you will not get as effective of a workout. You need ever-changing workouts to keep your fitness levels up! Fitblok has a huge variety of classes to choose from (you can find the majority of fitness disciplines on there) and the Fitblok trainers are always streaming new, fresh classes every day.

2.) Find a platform that will keep you accountable to a schedule

In addition to video libraries’ ability to bore your body and mind, they also are easy to skip doing.  Let’s face it: how many times have you planned to do your fitness video but then bailed? This is because with these videos there is nothing to keep you on schedule nor accountable. It’s easier to bail on that than a gym glass you’ve signed up for, right?

In the Fitblok system, classes run on a set schedule, and guess what? There is no pause button. Once you start the video, you’ve committed to the rhythm and intensity of the workout as it was intended. You get all the benefits of the gym-like structure, plus you get access to a much greater selection of options and schedules than at any physical location. So look for a platform like Fitblok that has classes on a schedule.

3.) Don’t invest your time or resources in a platform that you ultimately won’t use

Also around the fitness-oriented web are choices that act more as intermediaries between you and the gym. These types of services are in fact extremely useful… if you have a gym membership. Some of us don’t have the time, others the money, but the bottom line is you’re here for a reason: you wanted more.

4.) Find a platform that allows for personal communication and interaction

If there’s one key to fitness, it’s consistency, and in order to be consistent, you need a set schedule that involves real live people.

Until now, most digital platforms don’t allow for any means of communication between participants and their trainer, nor between each other. But now, platforms such as Fitblok allow you to actually communicate with your trainer! You can message questions or comments, rate the trainer, and be personally invited to his/her future classes.

Motivated by working out with friends, but can’t seem to be able to meet up? Great news! With Fitblok you can invite them to participate in the same sessions, so even though you’re not physically there cheering each other on, you know they’re having the same experience. Staying on track is much easier when you do it together.

5.) Find a price that fits your budget

A typical gym membership will cost you anywhere from $20-$100+ a month, and many web platforms are similarly priced. These prices are high to begin with, and if you don’t go as often as you like (a common predicament), you end up paying for service you never received. Fitblok charges $1-$2 on average per class, so you are only paying for workouts you’ve attended. No more wasted money.

In the Fitblok system, classes run on a set schedule. There is no pause button.


Again, there is no perfect guarantee of fitness success, but we think Fitblok’s combination of personal accountability and habitual routine is undoubtedly one of the best tools to help you get there.  What do you think?  What’s important to you when choosing the best fitness platform?

17 thoughts on “5 Ways to Choose the Best Fitness Platform For You

  1. My work schedule can get so wonky that I try to always get my workouts and classes in [should I take them] before in the morning – I go to two different gyms for more variety with those schedules too

  2. Great post, I think it’s always important to find the best fitness platform that suits your needs. Some people just go straight to nothing will work, but there’s always an answer.
    And I’ve never heard of Fit Blok, I’ll have to check it out!

  3. Great points! I am a much less structured person, so none of it applies to me, but with so many people using platforms today, it’s good to have parameters for choosing.

  4. I’ve never heard of FitBlock – is it all virtual?
    I went to the Website that you linked and but didn’t spend very long clicking around.

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