Foodie Pen Pals: June

Hi all!  Sorry for the late post today.  It was a late night last night for me which meant I actually slept in this morning – like big time.  And I didn’t have this post pre-written like I should have; hence, why itz going up late today.  I’m a slacker in the summertime, what can I say?  Anyway, today is Foodie Pen Pals Reveal Day over at The Lean Green Bean!

The Lean Green Bean

Click the link above for all the details and to sign up.  Basically, Foodie Pen Pals is a program that matches up people (bloggers, readers, anyone!) throughout the country.  Emails are exchanged, preferences/likes/dislikes are explained, and then your foodie pen pal sends you a box of goodies in the mail.  This month I put together a box for Sierra.  Here is what my foodie pen pal, Yinzerella, sent me:

foodie pen pals 1

  • Matar Paneer: Itz an Indian dish made with green peas and lightly fried paneer cheese in a rich and spicy sauce.  I had this for lunch yesterday and it was good.  I don’t usually buy boxed foods, so it was fun to try something new.
  • Knorr’s Leek recipe mix: I’ll probably use this for some type of dip.  Any suggestions?
  • Nature Valley Granola Thins: These are covered with peanut butter – my kind of snack!
  • Ground Cumin: I need more recipe suggestions for what to use cumin in!

foodie pen pals

  • Tobasco: You can’t tell from the picture, but itz the tiniest and cutest bottle I’ve ever seen!
  • Chrysanthemum Tea: This is loose tea and when you add hot water, the chrysanthemum is supposed to bloom.  The tea was pretty strong.
  • Cookbook Bookmarks: Hilarious quotes on these!

She also sent me a couple pieces of candy.  Thanks!  As always, foodie pen pals is a fun way to connect with other people and try new food.  I highly encourage you to check it out!

What should I make with the leek recipe mix and/or cumin?

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20 thoughts on “Foodie Pen Pals: June

  1. I’m glad you got to sleep in this morning!! Hopefully I get to this weekend, because my sleep is seriously lacking!
    Looks like a fun package.
    I definitely need to sign up still…hopefully this month!

  2. What a great box! I live in Texas, and use cumin in a ton of things (we love our spice!) The easiest dish I make though is a can of black beans, juice from one small lime, a chopped garlic clove and a dash (or three) of cumin. Mix all together on the stove and serve with whatever you like! Also makes a great filling for tacos if you want an easy meatless dinner.

  3. ahh we use cumin all the time! some of my faves that I think are right up your alley: grilled fattoush salad (, chickpea & arugula sandwiches with lime tzatziki (, and southwestern lentil & rice stuffed peppers (! Cumin’s great in any Mexican recipe too!

  4. Could you use the Knorr mix in homemade potato leek soup? Ground Cumin is a nice spice for couscous salads (With a yogurt base, toasted almonds, red peppers, red onion) or in a dip for say sweet potato fries! Looks good, one day I want to participate in this Foodie Pen Pal exchange!

  5. I love to use cumin with mince meat when making a chilli or more of a spicy mine meat dish.

    I found one of those tiny bottle of tabasco when we went to Hawaii in january and gave it to a friend who loves his food spicy. I am such a wuss when it comes to spice myself!

  6. So glad that you liked the box!
    Cumin is a staple in Mexican cooking–but it is also essential in Indian and Middle Eastern food.
    I used it a a lot this weekend in some baked falafel and yogurt sauce. Let me know if you want the recipe!

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