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This weekend was filled with yoga – tandem yoga to be specific.  Tandem yoga is when two (or more) people work together to accomplish a pose.  It all started because Athleta is hosting a Seize the Solstice Yoga Challenge on Instagram.  If you follow me on Instagram (@itzlinz), then you’ll have seen my poses for each day in June so far.  Athleta posts a new posture each day, anyone can participate, you replicate the pose, and use the hashtag #seizethesolstice.

On Friday, the pose was upward facing dog and they showed it tandem style.  Now, you didn’t have to do it tandem, but you know me and competition, and I did have to do it tandem.  The only problem: who would be my tandem partner?  I called up my sister Stephanie and told her I needed to borrow Jacob for a little while.  We played yogis, she played photographer.  Upward Facing Dog Tandem:

Upward Facing Dog Tandem 1

Incredible, eh?  After Jacob and I mastered this pose, he immediately asked if we could do it with Jackson (my other nephew, his cousin).  When I told him we could try it next time we see Jackson, Jacob then wanted to try it with me on top.  I explained why that wouldn’t quite work… 😉  Jacob had a lot of other ideas to try, mostly with me balancing on him in some way.  Stephanie and I stifled our laughter as he was such a serious little yogi!  We did successfully capture some other poses:

jacob tandem yoga

Jacob’s such a good sport and so, so strong!  Parents, I urge you to practice yoga with your kiddos.  In the summer school class I’m teaching now, we practice yoga daily as itz a healthy living class and the kids love it.  Plus, there are many benefits to kids doing yoga, including helping them succeed in school.

Today I’m linking up with Healthy Diva’s Marvelous in my Monday.  Yoga is marvelous.  Tandem yoga is marvelous.  And family tandem yoga is the best!


Speaking of family tandem yoga, we went to my parents’ house for dinner last night and had a great deal of fun with family tandem yoga.  I mean isn’t this what all families do during Sunday family night dinners?

family tandem yoga

That’s my older brother Jason on the bottom holding all of us up, my mom is next, then me, and Jacob on top.  I definitely failed at holding a straight plank like my mom, Jason, and Jacob, so let’s just call mine upward facing dog again.  We seriously tried a million combinations with everyone including my sister, Jackson, and even the dog Ellie!

And now for the grand finale…

family tandem yoga 1

Ta-da!  Itz the ultimate family yoga tandem with five people complete with a four-year old and an eighteen-month old on top!  Are we a FitFluential family or what?!

Have you ever done tandem yoga?  How are you active with your family?

45 thoughts on “Tandem Yoga

  1. This is so adorable! I LOVE it! When I was practicing regularly when living in SoCal, my favorite instructor had a few tandem yoga classes and it was SO fun! I loved when they would pair us up with “stranger” who we immediately had to find trust with each other. Really incredible!

  2. I love the tandem yoga with you and your nephew!
    And, I really love the whole family poses!!! I wonder if I can convince my husband and boys that they want to try something like that?!

  3. Wow, what a cooperative and fit family you have there. Your nephews are adorable! I think your plank looks pretty good, especially for having to balance on top of someone else. I’d love to take a summer class with you as you are definitely inspiring your students to stay active while creating a fun environment.

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