The Ultimate Guide to Fresh Juicing

I love fresh juice.  It tastes good and makes me feel amazing.  When I reviewed the BELLA NutriPro juicer, I instantly became hooked.  Itz easy.  You throw in a bunch of fruits and vegetables and, in my opinion, itz all delicious.  Itz fun to play around with a variety of combinations and see what’s best.

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The people at BELLA NutriPro have come up with a brand new and interesting infographic titled “The Ultimate Guide to Fresh Juicing”. This infographic unveils surprising facts about the health benefits of fresh juice, the differences between fresh juice and pasteurized juice, as well as other additional insights that may surprise you.

The Ultimate Guide to Fresh Juicing

The Ultimate Guide to Fresh Juicing
by BELLA NutriPro

Itz interesting, eh?  I love how they suggest all the colors of fruits and vegetables and explain the benefits of each.  I can definitely attest to the fact that the NutriPro is super easy to clean. Ah, there’s just so much information regarding juicing!  Am I a dork if it makes me so excited to continue to read and learn more?!  (Please say no.)

I know that juicing is all the craze right now, but I really feel like once you start you just can’t stop.  You can’t really blame everyone though because of all the benefits juicing provides.  And I love what NutriPro says: Now is a better time than ever to start juicing!

What new information did you learn?  Do you own a juicer?  What’s your favorite fresh juice? 

44 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Fresh Juicing

  1. I would LOVE to have a juicer but I want to be really sure I get a good one (I know it’s weird, but I had a TIME trying to find a blender I liked) so I’ll have to look at this one 🙂

    • i honestly have only good things to say about my bella nutripro juicer! i’ve had it for a few months and have had NO problems. itz easy to use and clean.

  2. I love fresh juice and I wish I had a juicer! It’s interesting that there’s such a difference between high and low speed juicers though – I’ll have to remember that if I ever decide to buy one. My favourite kind of juice is any kind with beets in it!

  3. I am so glad that you addressed the controversy between a juicer and blender. While I love my Magic Bullet and Nutribullet, I’ve wanted to get a juicer for so long. I too was conceded that juicing depletes the “Fibre” content so I would be left with a less nutritious beverage. I definitely learned a lot in terms of the benefits of juice. I didn’t really realize that fibre could block certain enzymes and slow down digestion in a negative way. I think a juicer would be a great way to incorporate even more vegetables into my diet as I tend to make fruit smoothies! My favourite juices are definitely Spinach Lemonade, Apple Ginger, Carrot and Beet. Yum! I’ll take into account the different models (speed wise) when requesting one for my birthday! Thanks for sharing.

    • i was surprised to learn that about the fiber as well. and i still use the pulp that’s leftover because i don’t like wasting food and it is packed with fiber. i add it to cottage cheese or greek yogurt or i bake it into breads!

  4. I’m a huge fan of juicing! We started after watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and never stopped! I have a centrifuge juicer, but of course I want something new – I actually really just want a vitamix because it’s the only thing that doesn’t leave anything behind! My favorite juice is apple, celery, lime juice, and ginger…anything with ginger rocks my socks. Awesome review =)

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