En Pursuit Gym Workout

Itz no secret I love working out.  I love doing different exercises, I love working out with different people, and I love checking out different gyms.  Last Friday I completed the En Pursuit Gym Workout.  Fellow St. Louis blogger and NASM Certified Personal Trainer Katie, who blogs at Katie En Pursuit, invited me in for a workout.


Katie recently started training at a small studio in St. Louis called Fitness With Anika.  Sound familiar?  Itz probably because I worked out with Anika (owner) back in January (read my recap [here]).  I was stoked to get back in the gym because itz like an adult playground with so many different toys to play with.  Katie put together a workout that included the weighted ropes, TRX, bosu balls, free weights, kettlebells, body weights, and more.  I threw it in a graphic to show you the workout that Katie wrote – itz a good one!

En Pursuit Gym Workout

Itz the En Pursuit Gym Workout!  There is seriously no getting bored with this workout as we were constantly moving.  We did each exercise for 45 seconds before getting 15 seconds of rest.  And let me tell you: those 45 seconds felt loooooong and the 15 were the shortest seconds ever.  Ha!  It was all good though.  I smiled the whole way through!

squat me

Katie was an awesome trainer!  She had a lot of energy, provided tons of encouragement, and watched closely to ensure safety.  I had so much fun with her and with the workout and this is definitely a workout I’d like to replicate in my own gym.

Russian Kettlebell Twist 1

Anika, as always, was so sweet to let me come in to her studio.  I loved how we both rocked our Under Armour gear. 🙂 🙂  (Don’t forget to join Under Armour’s challenge in redefining the female athlete!  Join this epic movement [HERE!] #WhatsBeautiful)

Fitness with Anika

If you’re in St. Louis and would like to workout with Katie or Anika, learn all about the studio [HERE.]  If you’d like to visit Katie’s blog, click [HERE].  Get ready to sweat!

What’s your favorite piece of equipment to play on at the gym?  TRX?  Bosu?  Exercise ball?  Boxing bags?  Weighted ropes?  Ladders?

27 thoughts on “En Pursuit Gym Workout

  1. Thanks again for coming to meet-up & workout & for the post! Such a fun day Linz & thanks for continuing to support St. Louis’s health initiatives! Our door is always open anytime you want to come back 🙂

  2. I really want to try the weighted ropes!! I think I have used all the other gym “toys” that you mentioned in the workout but no ropes – maybe soon!!

  3. What a fun workout!!! And I love all that type of equipment. I wish it was readily available in most gyms because I would so love to include things like that in BBB workouts. What a great, fun, and challenging workout!

  4. I love ALL the fun equipment! Any time I see something new, I immediately think “OOHH!! I wanna play on that!” I’m a total kid at the gym, but that’s what keeps it fun! If I was in your hood, I would totally be checking it out!

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