Memorial Day Weekend

Itz Memorial Day weekend, so hopefully you’ve got the day off work and are able to get outside and enjoy the nice weather!  My summer has officially begun as Thursday was my last day with my students.  Check out the cutest homemade gift I received as an end of the year present:


Seriously, so cute!  It will be the first decorative item that goes up in my new classroom as I’m looping up to fourth grade with my same class.  Looping has many benefits and I’m excited I get to stay with these kiddos for another year.

Today I’m linking up with Katie’s Marvelous in my Monday while I share about my marvelous weekend.  Lots of marvelous in the blogosphere today!


On Friday I received a totally awesome package from Under Armour for working on their What’s Beautiful campaign with FitFluential.  The shoes are baller and so lightweight, I love the neon mesh tank, and the headbands all have inspirational messages on them.  Can’t wait to rock the UA gear!

Under Armour Swag

Have you signed up to be part of the What’s Beautiful campaign yet?  What are you waiting for?!  Join Team Fabulously Fit NOW! (More gear made especially for this challenge can be found here.)

Saturday was my dear grandmother’s 80th birthday, so my mom and aunt hosted a lovely luncheon for her at the Ritz.


Isn’t my Mama beautiful?  No one ever believes she just turned 80!  She’s definitely the most amazing woman I know.

Stephanie and I took really classy pictures during the luncheon…


Actually there are about a million other pictures (including handstands with my mom!), but they’re on Steph’s camera, so I’ll have to wait on those.  This darling picture is taken while we hid behind curtains.  Why?  Because itz just so darn fun to pop out, yell, and scare my mom and grandma.  Yes, we’re kind of eight years old.

Saturday night included a night out on the town!  Kait, my co-worker, teammate, and friend is sadly moving to Texas.  She had a going away party and we had to take an obligatory hold-her-up picture one last time.

school friends

She better come back and visit.  We’ll miss her, that’s for sure.

The weather on Sunday in St. Louis was gorgeous.  I couldn’t bear to stay indoors, so instead of heading to the gym I went to a local park to walk with a friend.  We covered about four miles and I sported one of the Under Armour headbands.

UA headband

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. <– LOVE!  I took this to mean that even on your rest days, you should still be active.  I can’t sit still for long, especially when the weather is nice, I just have to MOVE!

As an afternoon pick-me-up, I decided to make a fresh juice with my NutriPro juicer.

green juice

Cucumber, grapefruit, apple, and lemon made quite a refreshing juice!

I had no plans for the evening, but the weather was still gorgeous, so I called my good friend, Jessica, and we went to Forest Park to walk another four miles before eating dinner at the Boathouse.


Yeah, the glass of wine (in a plastic cup) sounded better than it turned out to be.  The warm weather coupled with the fact we just got done walking did not make the red wine appealing.  Stupid choice for ordering it and a waste of money.  Oh well.  My black bean and corn veggie burger was AWESOME as were the beer-battered fries that accompanied it.  I rarely eat fries, but these were good!

Then I went home and snuggled with this little pooch for the remainder of the evening.  We were both tired from all the walking (Zoey got two mini-walks yesterday, too!).

zoey yawn

What’d you do over the weekend?  Any plans for today?

53 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love all the pics.

    This weekend was pretty low-key. I did manage to go running which felt great since it’s so nice out.

  2. Gorgeous photo of you & your grandmother. You’ll have to make sure you get it framed! Love the red skirt you’re rocking too 🙂

    p.s. will you fly to Kuwait and do my hair?? Yours hair always looks so beautiful in every single photo. Not fair, Ha Ha!

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend 🙂

    Love those headbands.

    My boyfriend and I got a couples massage on Saturday and I met some friends for brunch. Yesterday was spent doing food shopping and prep and just generally relaxing.

  4. That picture of your and your Grandma is amazing! You look beautiful.
    And I love that juice combo! I made one similar but minus apple and kale! I love what the grapefruit adds to juices.
    Looks like a great weekend!

  5. I want to steal (or just borrow) that quote – Good, better, best – never let it rest!! I love that.
    Your grandmother is beautiful!!!
    Sounds like your first weekend of summer has started with a bang – enjoy the summer! I think teachers need summer break way more than kids!!

  6. WOW! What a fun weekend. Your Grandma looks AMAZING. My grandma’s in her 80’s as well… I always commend them for living such a great life. My Grandma still goes out dancing with her friends and on bus trips to the Casino! Haha, it’s awesome. Happy MiMM beauty!

  7. Love your UA gear!!! We are so lucky, fitfluential rocks!

    Like I told you on instagram, your gram does look amazing, so beautiful!!! Hope she had a fabulous birthday! You looked gorgeous!

    Have a great week! <3

    • haha yeah well it was funny because I was deciding between two so she let me taste them and poured a small sample in a plastic cup, so I figured that was just to taste. then after I chose she filled the cup up. I was like uhhh ok

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