Blend Retreat 2013

Wow.  Blend Retreat 2013 was the best time ever!  Seriously.  I’ll recap today (try not to be too jealous) and I have a few other more specific posts lined up for the later part of the week.  Blend Retreat was held in Park City, Utah which is about 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City.  We stayed at the Hyatt Escala Lodge and it was gorgeous.  The staff was so incredibly kind and helpful (and tolerable… I mean there were 100+ squealing women there all weekend!), and the rooms were comfortable – I could move in.  Oh, and the views?  Well, the suite I stayed in had not one, but two patios.  The view:

Hyatt Escala Lodge

I could wake up to the mountains everyday.  (This picture is a bit misleading as it rained the majority of the trip, but you better believe I snapped this pic during the few moments of sunshine!)  I arrived at the Escala Lodge around 5:30 Friday evening and had about an hour to kiss and hug my blends and get ready for the cocktail party sponsored by Silk.  Following the cocktail party, we had a delicious dinner.  A lot of goofiness ensued.  Here’s a good summary of the evening:


On the left: me, Annette, and Lindsay.  On the right: me, Lauren, Paige, Annette, and Meg.  Oh photobooths, you’re so much fun!  The prettiest picture up close:

photobooth blend

We’re beauties, I know! 😉  Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to attend a GPP Fitness workout.  We had a thirty minute break afterwards before eating a delicious breakfast sponsored by  Muesli Fusion and The Laughing Cow.  Shortly after breakfast we were supposed to hike, but due to the rain some people opted to stay in the hotel and do a zumba class instead.  I would have loved to hike, but going out there in the cold rain and getting muddy didn’t really appeal to me.  Next time, Utah.

Annette taught an awesome booty-shakin’ zumba class and when we were done, I learned the pretty girl next to me was Miss United States 2012!  No joke!  Annette was talking to her and asked what her Instagram name was (because that’s obviously very important during a blogger event!), and she replied ever so casually, “Miss United States 2012.”  Uhhh really?  YES!  Whitney Miller – just as sweet as she is gorgeous!

Miss US 2012

Sidenote: Whitney founded Women Against Mediocrity and attended Blend with the sponsor Onnit.

When zumba finished, we showered (yes, be impressed) and headed out to do some shopping at the outlet malls!  Everyone obviously knows my love of headbands, and I found another great one at the Old Navy outlet.  I also turned Annette and Meg on to my little headband obsession:

Annette Meg headband

Heh heh.  We visited Lululemon afterward and helped Annette make her very first Lulu purchase!  Glad we could be there for you, girl!  What are blends for? 😉  The rest of the day and evening was pretty low key as we ate dinner and went out for ice cream.  Oh, I guess I should mention we did ride a cow…

ride a cow

Riding cows in Utah… who knew?!  We woke early on Sunday to do our second GPP Fitness bootcamp workout before breakfast sponsored by Chobani.  Before we knew it, it was time to pack and get ready for the closing ceremony.  Our sponsors were totally awesome and provided tons of product for giveaway.  I won a $50 gift certificate to Bob’s Red Mill!  All too soon I was at the airport on my way back to St. Louis.  The weekend flew by and I was sad to leave.  While Blend Retreat 2013 may be over, I know there are many friendships just beginning…

Blend Retreat

photo credit Christine at Love Life Surf

Thanks again to Janetha, Lindsay, and Katie who put the entire weekend together.  Blend 2014, here we come…!

What’s the most fun blogger event YOU have attended?  Ever been to Utah?

49 thoughts on “Blend Retreat 2013

  1. Looks like a great time!!
    So, is it pretty much just a get-together weekend or are there sessions (other than the morning fitness)?

  2. I’m so jealous! This looks like a blast! I’ve never attended a blogger event because I don’t have the time or money. I’ve always wanted to though! I did go to Utah a few years ago to hike through some national parks.

  3. Glad you enjoyed my home state! Park City is a beautiful place for any season. The skiing/snowboarding is great in the winter and there aren’t many places better for trail running and biking in the summer.

  4. We had such a blast at blend! I cant believe you fit all that we did in one post, you go girl. I think I took like 300 pictures but I think Im going to have to minimize my posts so people dont get bored! Love the cow!

  5. I LOVE reading all these recaps! I want to go back to Park City so bad, I loved that little town… how in the world did I miss Lululemon, I had no idea it was there! so great to meet so many amazing ladies, I can’t wait until next year 🙂

  6. Alright, that’s it. I’m going to do my best to get to this retreat next year. Yours is the 3rd post I’ve read about Blend, and it looks like it was a blast!
    Plus, I have family outside Park Cities, so it’d be a perfect excuse, right?
    Thanks for sharing! Glad you had a memorable time!

  7. Blend by far was the best blogging event we’ve been to! It was soo much fun! sorry we did not get that much time to really chat. but it was great to meet you at Blend! HUGS

  8. I love sewing headbands and picking out interesting designs from stores, but I never actually WORE my creations and finds until recently. Seeing you rock a headband has definitely given me some inspiration 🙂

    Looks like you had a fun time. I am hoping to go to a blogging/nutrition/fitness retreat once my blog is up and running.

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