Life isn’t always happy.  In fact, sometimes life is downright hard.  It can be busy, sad, stressful, but it can also be full of joy and happiness.  Happiness is an outlook and I truly believe that happiness is what you make of it.

happiness is what you make of it

So today I’m sharing a few things lately that have been making me happy.  Simple things.  But itz happiness nonetheless.

Happiness is… seeing adorable and enormous baby animals at the zoo.  My class took a field trip to the St. Louis Zoo on Tuesday.  We had gorgeous weather and it seemed like all the animals were out.  Couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this baby elephant.


Happiness is… old friends.  Annette from Enjoy Your Healthy Life and I have been friends since we were two years old.  Inseparable during our elementary years, really, and itz just seven days before we are reunited at the Blend Retreat!  Annette just announced she is having a girl, so let the pink bows, dresses, and dance shoes begin.  Speaking of dance, Annette is an expert dancer; she’s danced her entire life and even convinced me to do a session with her (if that’s even what they’re called).  Please enjoy this beautiful picture of Annette and me from a dance recital probably fifteen years ago.


Happiness is… receiving an awesome package from Victoria’s Secret!  I ordered four of their Perfect Burnout shirts – two V-Neck Tees and two Tank Tops.  Love the burnout look.  Itz a little sheer which will be sexy for summer!

summer shirts

Happiness is… Zoey!  Come on, did you really think I could do a whole happiness post and not include a picture of my little pooch?  Get real!  The sun is shining and summer is nearing which means Zoey’s summer apparel is surfacing once again.  I love this little red jumper dress.  Rainbows just scream summer!


Happiness is… cake batter protein milkshakes.  My cake batter protein is as good as it sounds.  (I order it from iHerb.com – itz Muscle Milk brand – use code VAJ523 to receive a discount on your first order!)  The sprinkles addition is a MUST!

cake batter

What’s making YOU happy?

39 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. My friends at home are making me happy! I’ve already seen so many, which is important to me during breaks because I have no idea where the next few years will land us. And that pic of you and Annette is so funny! I have dancing pictures, too. In one I have a tail.

  2. I love Zoey and baby elephants! So cute! I am happy that I have a lazy weekend ahead. Well, I’ll still be running, cleaning my house, and some other junk, but I’m home for the first time in weeks and that makes me really, really happy.

    • My “lazy” weekends never end up being quite as lazy as I thought either haha… but being home and being productive is totally awesome! (like my friday night right now!)

  3. Beautiful post! It’s sometimes way too easy to get caught-up in negativity! Happiness is being home after a 5-day business trip & knowing I get to see many friends & family through various things this weekend. Happy Friday girl!

  4. It is the little things that truly make us the happiest! I am happy to finally have my windows open and my plants outside! I am happy that it is super sunny on this lovely Friday and I am PUMPED about BLEND in a week!!

  5. Happiness is finding bliss in simplicity. If you’d asked me why I was happy today all I could tell you is that I was with my family. We didn’t do anything but enjoy each others’ company and that’s sheer happiness to me.
    Oh, and reading other people’s post on finding happiness in small things makes me happy, too :). Not just saying but actually meaning this!

  6. Awwwww that picture of us. AMAZING. I loved those days 😉 Glad you joined me in our awkward dance photos & costumes…… hehe. You’re the best.

    Happiness IS OUR choice–love that concept & your sharing that. xo

    Happiness is being with you in a WEEEEEEK!!! let the fun & shopping begin!!

  7. YOU always! You have been such a sweet and beautiful friend to me ever since we connected through blogs and I am grateful! Such a cute and HAPPY post! <3

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  9. That’s the cake batter protein I use too! It makes amazing proats AND if you fluff it with a little water (making icing) it seriously gets fluffy! Not sticky or goopy like some protein icing, but fluffy! Awesome on some yogurt! Happiness for sure 🙂

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