Stay Fit On Vacation Without The Gym

Itz no secret I love working out.  Even while on vacation I love working out.  I love seeing new gyms, I love trying new workouts, I love running new paths, I just love working out and I love moving.  However, sometimes there’s not always time to explore other realms in the fitness world while on vacation.

Take last weekend for example.  We went to bed at 3:00 a.m. each night and didn’t have enough time to sleep in, lounge around, or hit the gym.  That certainly doesn’t mean that I didn’t move though!  Shoot, after being in the car for seven straight hours you better believe I was itching to move!  So I did…

I did lunges at the rest stations.


I did split jumps in the hotel hallways.

split jump

I did backbends on oversized bean bags in our hotel room.


I did handstands in my little black dress in the middle of the hall.


See?  Itz possible and itz fun to stay fit on vacation without the gym!

How do you stay fit on vacation – with or without the gym?

29 thoughts on “Stay Fit On Vacation Without The Gym

  1. Ha, too funny! 🙂 I usually stay fit on vacation by walking everywhere. I’ve worn out shoes walking all over European cities before. I definitely burned off all my Italian cappuccinos!

  2. I usually just do some yoga in my room but I’m going to incorporate some of these moves into my routine next time I’m on vacation. Well, the ones I can do at least. The headstand was very impressive…it’s not in my arsenal yet.

  3. Dancer? Gymnast? Cheerleader?? Even when I was dancing every single day, I could never get my butt that far off the ground in a toe touch! I love how you make staying active FUN with things you would actually enjoy doing on vacation!

  4. I try do something active when I’m away. Whether it be going for a walk, a bike ride or a swim. I love swimming when I’m on vacation in a sunny country, especially in the sea. I mix up sunbathing with swimming. When I come back I usually haven’t put loads of weight on and I think it’s because I try to stay active while I’m on holiday.

  5. Geez I can’t believe how high you can jump!!!

    My favourite way to workout on vacation is by walking around and exploring! But if that’s not possible (like on my road trip this/last week where we spent tons of time in the car) I try to hit up the hotel gym in the mornings!

  6. Love this! I make the most of every moment to move on vacation too! If I can’t find a gym or purposefully take a good walk, then I’m gonna wake up, roll out of bed and straight to the floor for some quick crunches and planks and lunges…then the day usually has lots of random fitness moments too! 🙂 I love your toe touches! And you’re totally getting me up into a handstand one way or another (can’t believe I could do those as a kid, no problem, but now I can’t get my feet up! ha)

  7. I don’t go out of my way to exercise on vacation, just because I am usually walking around and staying pretty active. I try to clean well as much as possible, just because I know I won’t be doing my usual workouts.

  8. I ALWAYS book a hotel with a gym – it’s just NOT an option to NOT book a hotel without on!!! (Did that make any sense? lol)….. That way, every morning I just keep on with my routine of waking up and getting my sweat on! Working out first thing in the morning always makes me feel AAAAAMAZINGGGG for the rest of the day! 😀

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