Shirley Temple Egg Recipe

Last week I posted about Shirley Temple Eggs and I was surprised how many other names these eggs have!  Shocked, actually.  Frankly, I always thought they were called “Shirley Temples” as that’s what my family went by.  When I first posted the photo on Instagram, I received seven different names.  After the blog post, there were six additional names.  So obviously I had to compile all the names and create a master list!

Shirley Temple Eggs

Take your pick!  Call ’em what you will; they’re delicious any which way!  I thought I’d provide you all with a step-by-step guide for today’s WIAW party.

Shirley Temple Egg Recipe

First, you start with a piece of bread and you cut a hole in the middle.  My family always used a shot glass to carve out the center, but Nicole at Fruit ‘N’ Fitness wrote that her mom uses a cookie cutter to make fun shapes in the center.  I love that idea!

Shirley Temple Egg step 1

Quick sidenote: Recently, I was sent a couple loaves of Ezekiel 4:9 Flax Sprouted Whole Grain Bread to review (no compensation – just my honest thoughts and opinion!).  I love, love, love super grainy, seedy breads, and this kind was no different.  From the Food for Life website, I was pleased to learn that the bread is: made with freshly-sprouted, certified organic live grains and sprouted flax seeds throughout. It’s a spin on their classic loaf is a powerhouse of nutrition, providing an excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids (EFAs), the “good” fats that are vital to our health and body function.

Ezekiel 4:9® Sprouted Flax Bread is 100% flourless and free of conditioners, additives, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. It is also made with filtered water and no added fat and is low-glycemic, diabetic-friendly, pH-balanced and kosher-certified. Each slice of contains 90mg of Omega 3, 5g of protein, 4g of dietary fiber and 18 amino acids from vegetable sources.

Lots of goodness right there!  Plus, the bread held up well for Shirley Temples, so itz automatically a WIN in my book!  Ok, back to normal programming the recipe now.

Shirley Temple Egg step 2

Grease your pan.  My grandma (and I’m sure most other people) use butter.  I threw a hunk of coconut oil in the pan and I’ll never cook them any other way now.  Plus, there are healthy benefits to using coconut oil and it adds just a hint of flavor (nothing too overpowering, no worries!).  Then, you add your center-less pieces of bread and the cut-outs, and crack an egg right in the middle.  After letting them cook for a short time, check to see if they’re ready to flip.  If they are, turn ’em over!

Shirley Temple Egg step 3

Yes, I use my hands to peek underneath.  If you like your yolks runny (like I do), then you’ll really want to be mindful of how long they’re cooking.  Obviously if you cook them too long, you won’t have dippy eggs.  If you’re not a runny yolk kind of person, leave them on the pan longer.  You can even pierce the center so the yolk spreads to the rest of the toast and then thoroughly cook them while in the pan.  Itz a preferential thing.  After I plate my Shirley Temples, I cut them in half to see if I’ve gotten runny yolks…

shirley temple egg

Runny yolks for the win!  Then I dip pieces of my toast in the yellowy goodness and lick the plate clean.  I mean, errr… finish my delicious breakfast!

Right now, right here: Tell me your Shirley Temple thoughts!  How do you like your eggs?  Did I miss any other names?!

23 thoughts on “Shirley Temple Egg Recipe

  1. I have been meaning to make these for months now, but keep forgetting!! They are so darn cute, and who does not love the combination of a dippy egg and toast? Plus, the fact that you used Ezekiel bread makes it even better! I cannot wait to try the flax variety :).

  2. i have never ever had eggs in a hole or Shirely temple eggs or the other list of names they are called before. i only started hearing about it maybe within the last year. i always love my eggs with toast, especially sopping up the runny yolk. going to have to try this method. thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  3. Love that bread too! I like my eggs sunny side up, but I pretty much will eat them anyway prepared. Least favorite is probably hard boiled. I will eat them, but it’s something about that darn texture. 😉

  4. Yum! My mom used to make this when I was a kid too. I should really start making it for my son to continue the tradition. 🙂 I don’t remember calling them anything specific though, but I did see a post on the Weelicious website around Easter and she called them “Hole in one”. Another one to add to the list. 🙂

  5. Eggs in the hole over here or toad in a hole. I wonder if it’s a regional thing? Fun story, I knew about almost everything you couldn’t eat while pregnant, but stupidly thought I could eat dippy eggs, I ordered them once and got an earful from the person at the next table (#breakfastruiner) so I panicked. Luckily everything turned out fine ha, lesson learned.

  6. I’ve never tried the Ezekiel breads before, but I keep on meaning to because I’ve heard so many good things about them!

    My favourite way to eat my eggs is fried with a runny yolk. I’m actually eating fried eggs right now, but sadly I overcooked them. 😛

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