A Simple Walk

With spring weather finally showing itz face, I just cannot get enough time outdoors!  I definitely do a lot of walkin’ & talkin’ as the best way to catch up with friends and family is by gabbing on the phone while moving!  Rain held off most of the day, but we had some showers in the late afternoon.  When it stopped, I laced up my sneakers and leashed up Zoey.  She was all like, “I’m not stepping my pretty little paws in those puddles!”

zoey puddle

Seriously, she was.  Diva dog.  After much coaxing, we got on with our walk and we both took our time enjoying the new signs of spring.  Zoey sniffed the fresh scents of neighborhood dogs and I took note of the trees beginning to blossom.


Itz been forever (or so it seems) since Zoey and I have taken our usual outdoor walks, and she was definitely huffing and puffing and showing some tongue.


Don’t mind her ridiculously long, shaggy hair.  She is so overdue for a groom.  Zoey took one lap around our neighborhood and told me she was done.  I dropped her off at home and walked a bit more while catching up with my newly engaged little brother.  Pretty soon the clouds began looking ominous once again, so I headed home.


Itz a good thing because there were tons of tornado warnings in St. Louis yesterday evening.  Jonny and I took Zoey to our basement to stay safe until the storm passed.  Some parts of St. Louis had a lot of damage (not us), so our thoughts and prayers definitely go to those people and families.

By the time I joined Zoey and Jonny in bed last night, I walked in to this site:

zoey bed

Zoey had literally tucked herself in bed!

Anyway, my point of today’s post is that a simple walk can be so many things.  For me, yesterday, it was peaceful, calming, and relaxing.  It was time to myself (with my furball) to think and merely enjoy my surroundings.  Itz a simple walk, but itz really so much more.

What’s the best part of a simple walk for you?  How’s the weather where you live?

56 thoughts on “A Simple Walk

  1. I have a new appreciation for walks with Tiger Lilly (my Boxer). I usually prefer to unplug so I really decompress and enjoy the fresh air and sights and sounds.

  2. YES SISTA! Walks are like my favourite things! And not brisk ones! The walks where they’re more like wandering 😀 LOVE THOSE SO MUCH! I always feel like a million bucks after a little stroll whether it be by myself or with someone 😀

    Zoey totally is a diva dog!!!!! OMG! Cannot wait to meet her 😀

  3. I love walks, especially with my husband. I think they’re such a good way to reflect and catch up. Scary with the tornadoes. You guys are smart to go to the basement. That’s one thing I wish we had in Florida houses.

    • Love walks with my hubs, too! Yesterday didn’t include any, but we got our bonding time in hiding out in the basement haha

  4. The weather is finally great where I am, and I’ve been squeezing in walks when I can. The hubby and I like to walk together. I find that’s where we have our best conversations, especially if we leave our phones at home.

  5. I”m like you–now that the weather has turned, I can’t get enough outdoor time! I’m actually doing a hike w/ a friend tomorrow post-run and I’m really looking forward to it!

  6. I LOVE walks! I walk to work so my walks in the morning are fairly speedy (I’m always running late!) and after work it is so nice to walk for 25 minutes and clear my head 🙂 We are currently in the middle of a thunder-blizzard in Minneapolis. I just want spring to arrive so I can walk the pup and enjoy fresh produce!!!

  7. Zoey, I totally understand. I wouldn’t want to get my feet all dirty in that puddle either. I love walking so much! I live in Davis, California, which is a huge biking town! I don’t mind biking to class sometimes, but the 25 minute walks to campus make me so happy!

    • For sure! I love visiting cities that everything is within walking distance – definitely not the case here in St. Louis!

  8. i really like this post linz! once i took a walk and aimed to just clear my head and listen to NPR but i ended up seeing so many beautiful flowers and kept stopping to take pics of them. the walk resulted in me really appreciating the nature in my neighborhood. it’s true that a simple walk can mean a lot! and your pup is adorable, groomed or not 😉

    • absolutely! walking does wonders to clear my head, too! itz like it rejuvenates me or relaxes me – it does whatever i need it to!

  9. Ummmm, I LOVE HER!!! Everything you said about Zoey reminds me so much of my pup! Clementine hates the rain (when it’s raining, she won’t go past the covered area in our backyard to go to the bathroom), and both of my dogs get tucked in under the covers and use pillows. So spoiled, but I don’t even care. A nice walk with the puppies or friends or family always makes my day too. 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness! Zoey is so freakin’ adorable! She and Kona are like twins. He will NOT step into a puddle. He actually wears lil’ doggie boots on days when it rained. The weather’s been quite yucky over here. Lots of rain and humidity. Congrats to your lil’ brother! I think it will feel so bittersweet when my lil’ brother gets engaged and married.

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  12. I love going out for a simple walk. Especially with our pup!
    It’s such a great way to clear my head and wind down. I can actually enjoy the scenery, take in the sounds, and the smells around me, which can be pretty amazing out here in Hawaii!

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