melt my heart

Watch this 12 second video.  Seriously.

Melt my heart.

Remember about a month ago when my older brother Jason went all Romance Ninja and proposed to his (now) fiance Amy?  Well, on Saturday my younger brother Justin proposed to Dana!  We could not be happier or more shocked!  Justin hid it from all of us (except my parents) because I suppose he didn’t trust we could keep a secret. 😉

When we were just in Arizona, Justin specifically told me and Stephanie NOT to bring up getting married to Dana (we usually do).  He seemed pretty adamant about it, so we didn’t press the issue.  Little did we know this surprise was coming!

They are the most picture perfect couple EVER!

Justin & Dana by Stephanie Cotta Photography

Justin and Dana were at the wineries in California with friends when he got down on one knee.  Everything about the proposal was perfect.  Ok, well we only saw twelve seconds of it, but we know how Justin rolls.  Not to mention the fact that Stephanie and I are completely and totally obsessed with our baby brother, but he and Dana together are just the cutest things ever!

justin dana

I mean, right?  They’re perfect.  While we already considered Dana part of our family, now itz official!

What’s the cutest thing caught on video you’ve seen? Besides this video, of course.

27 thoughts on “melt my heart

  1. Awww, that IS the cutest video I’ve seen in a while! Congratulations to Justin and Dana! They look like a gorgeous couple and you must be so happy. How could you not be with not one but TWO weddings coming up in your family :)?!

  2. YAY! SO excited for Justin 🙂

    It’s amazing me to me that he’s all grown up & the age to be married. HAH! I still picture him as that cute little dark haired little boy. HAH! But alas, she seems peeeerrrrrfect for him! YAY

  3. Oh my goodness, they sure are a good lookin’ couple 🙂 What a blessed time for your family! Massive congratulations to the whole gang xxx

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