We had a snow day yesterday in St. Louis.  12 inches of snow will shut down all the St. Louis schools, but I’m not complaining because that means my spring break was extended for a day!  I slept in (til 6:00 am), drank coffee, ate breakfast, read blogs, then headed to the gym to meet Diana.  We ended up doing this quads & calves workout, and baby oh baby we were feeling the burn!  Diana got an action shot of me doing long jumps.


I always get comments on the fact that I smile during workouts.  What can I say?  Exercise makes me happy!  Plus, working out with friends or family is the best thing ever.

Speaking of workouts, itz been way too long since I’ve shared one with ya!  I’ve already mentioned how I get super antsy just laying out by the pool, so my brother Justin suggested we work out poolside.  You think I was game?  Of course! I guess Justin and I have a thing for workout out while on vacation.  Remember the Up the Ladder Beach Workout?  Yeah, that was in Mexico.  Here’s our Arizona workout:

We started with 33 push-ups (I did mine on my knees).

push up

Then did 33 squats.


And ended with 33 sit-ups (well, I did crunches).

sit up

Oh, and then we repeated this # 99 WORKOUT three times total.  That’s 99 reps of each exercise.  You better believe it was tough with no rest in between!

The great thing about this workout is that it can really be done by anyone (modify as needed), anywhere (no equipment required), and anytime (on vacation? sure!).

99 workout

Do you smile during workouts?  I can’t seem to help it!  Do you workout with friends or family?  How about on vacation?

46 thoughts on “# 99 WORKOUT

  1. I do smile during workouts…typically at the end of my set. I tend to make very serious faces while in the set though lol Sometimes, I even make noises.

    Snow day?! Gosh, I thought we were the last ones with snow! 😉

    Great workout!

  2. So sexy! 🙂 Working out in a bikini! Love it!
    I try to smile when running especially during the race. I had a few minutes of fame, saw myself on a sports news coverage on tv from my last race. Good thing I was smiling!

  3. Wow that’s totally simple but effective. I would definitely need to modify the pushups on my knees, too. I bet you can still feel the burn though! I’m pinning it now 😀

  4. I love the idea of the 99 workout – easy to remember and no equipment needed!
    I don’t smile when I work out very often (maybe inside) – I’m usually dying!

  5. Fun workout. I don’t know if I smile that much, but I have noticed when I am on my bike that a lot of runners don’t look very happy at all!

  6. Love a quick and to the point workout…especially one that doesn’t require any equipment! I don’t think I smile much DURING my workout (I’m too busy grunting…haha!) but I’m always smiling AFTER! Gotta love that endorphin rush!!

    I’m kinda alone with my love of health/wellness so I don’t really have many friends or family members that I can convince to workout with me, but I DO have my best girlfriend that will occasionally meet me for walks at the park. I love catching up with her as we take on the trails and soak up the fresh air…so much better than sitting in a stuffy coffeehouse! 😀

  7. Phewww that is a lot of snow, but yay for an extended break, always a delight 🙂 Love the workout too, I am definitely saving this for a time when the gym is closed, I can’t get there, am traveling, etc. Thanks woman 🙂

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  9. Wow – 12 inches of snow! That’s rough. I’m in Kansas City and we’ve had a couple of bad snow storms, but I don’t think we got that much all in one day. An extra day off is nice!

    I usually don’t smile too much during workouts – I think I’m concentrating too hard! I looked at myself in the mirror during my last kickboxing class and realized I looked kind of angry, when in fact, I was having a great time! I think maybe I was concentrating on my moves and form? I’ll go with that!

  10. Great job!

    I wish I did, but I rarely smile while working out :/

    I do love getting a workout in during a vacation – it makes me feel SO good!

    Generally I exercise alone, but sometimes I’ll exercise with my husband (if on vacation, for instance) or with my mom (if visiting home) or with a friend (if I’m visiting them or they’re visiting me).

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