Scottsdale Snapshots

Today wraps up the week of posting about my vacation to Arizona. I’m back in St. Louis where the weather is cold and pools are not yet open.  Boo.  But let’s re-live Arizona through these great posts:

Now here are Scottsdale Snapshots: random photos that didn’t make it into the aforementioned posts.  Let’s start with an obvious favorite of mine: the backbend!  Oh, come on, by now you knew that was coming!  I love being in the sun, but get so antsy just laying around.  Naturally I needed to find something to climb up and pose on.  🙂

backbend arizona

My nephew Jacob and I shared many special moments.

jacob me

As did my niece Audrey and I…

audrey potty

What?  She said she had to go!  Nevermind the fact that she’s 18 months old.  (PS: This is a snapshot my sister Stephanie posted on Instagram – go follow her for ridiculously cute pictures – they don’t usually involve the potty.)

Dana & Justin at the top of Squaw Peak:

justin dana

Fun fact: When we got to the top and saw many other people resting and taking in the view Justin announced to everyone, “Good job everybody!  You made it!”  Haha funny boy.

Audrey always wanted piggyback rides after Jacob got one:

audrey piggyback

Steph and I were SO glad to be with our baby brother.

steph justin

Yes, we all rocked our Ray Ban sunglasses.

This is why Jacob and Audrey are so darn cute:

steph phil

Becca and I before a night on the town (aka: a 5:30 pm dinner).


And a naked baby trying to escape…

audrey butt

Tell me about one snapshot from this week. 

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  1. Love the pictures. I too am chronicling my recent trip over at! I am 100% with you on leaving the sun, from Nicaragua to Charlotte the weather definitely plummeted! READY.FOR.SUMMER. 🙂

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