Eating in Scottsdale

Itz WIAW Scottsdale Edition!  We certainly have been eating good here in Scottsdale, Arizona, but that really shouldn’t be any surprise to you with how much we love food.  🙂

Our first meal was at D’Lish Drive Thru: healthy on-the-go kitchen and coffee-house.  My brother Justin told us this was a “must visit” place, and he was totally right.  We loved it so much we went twice!


The first time I ordered the Veggie D’Lite wrap with chicken and the second time I ordered the Veggie Burrito.  They were both mighty tasty, but the star of the place was the Breakfast Buzz shake that contains vitamins, protein, milk, peanut butter, banana, and chocolate.  If you go to D’Lish you have got to order this.  Unbelievable.  In fact, I’m pretty sure we’re going to go for the third time this morning…

We spent many of our days poolside.  Justin is king of the grill and made us some burgers that were the bomb diggity.  We coupled it with a vegetable mix he also made and chips.

pool lunch

Dinners were always a fiasco as they usually are when trying to accompany a party of 9 + a baby, but we definitely made do and even got some awesome jumping pictures and a surprise photobomb one night!

Citizen Public House is a contemporary, upscale version of the traditional public house nestled in Old Town Scottsdale.  We ordered several appetizers, one of them being fondue with pears, bread, and meat.  For my entrée, I opted for the Original Chopped Salad.  The ingredients of corn, couscous, smoked salmon, asiago, pepitas, tomatoes, arugula, and currants came in rows and our waiter mixed it up at the table.

citizen public house

Justin cooked one dinner for us in his apartment.  He told us he’d just make a “quick and easy” dinner, and he sure whipped up quite the meal!  He started us off with appetizers of crab cakes and bruschetta and mozzarella bites before serving spinach, cous cous, garlic bread, and salmon.  What a chef!

justin dinner

We also ate at Oregano’s per the recommendation of a few kind readers and it turned out to be a fabulous little pizza joint.  Unfortunately, we were too full to order the infamous Pizookie, but we were quite impressed with their massive thin crust pizza.

oregano's pizza

My Big Fat Greek Restaurant was dinner one night, but no pictures were taken during that meal.  Itz ok because last time we were here, we ate there and it was featured in this post.  The last dinner that I do have to show you is from Don & Charlie’s.  Famous for ribs and we know why!  I also ordered a salad, but snagged several ribs from Jonny’s plate.

don & charlie's

I told you itz been a vacation of good eats!

What’s your favorite spot you’ve been to while on vacation?

31 thoughts on “Eating in Scottsdale

  1. What an awesome food post! It looks like there’s so many places to eat! It’s funny, I just got an offer through my credit card for a hotel package in Scottsdale so this is great for learning more about the area. I’ll show this post to Josh and see if he’s tempted to visit there. Thanks!

    • Scottsdale was such a fun vacation place!! The weather was awesome and there’s plenty of ways to be active and of course many good eats!!

  2. Everything looks delicious! And that’s quite a meal that Justin cooked up for you guys – I’m impressed!

    One of my favourite spots I visited while on vacation was Fore Street Restaurant in Portland, Maine. I had arctic char in butter sauce brought to me in a sizzling cast iron pan and a salted chocolate mousse cake for dessert. It was incredible!

  3. I know I said it before, but I LOVE Scottsdale. Great food, great weather, beautiful scenery. Looks like you hit some fantastic places to eat. Glad you had so much fun!

    • if their pizzas weren’t so darn big and we didn’t eat so darn much than we totally would have!! i was hoping we could get some for my nephew and i could snag a bite, but his momma said no. boo.

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