We’re here!

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We’re here!  We made it to Scottsdale around 9:30 last night and my brother Justin picked us up.  We had a connecting flight to Tennessee which made the flight to Arizona pretty long, but of course Jonny and I kept each other company by being goofy and taking pictures of ourselves on the plane.  (Ok fine, that part was my doing, not Jonny’s.)

jonny plane

We had to rush to the airport right when I got home from school yesterday, so we picked up a sandwich from the Great American Bagel.  (There aren’t many great food options in the St. Louis airport.)  Jonny and I split a breakfast burrito and a bagel sandwich with ham, cheese, and egg on a jalapeno bagel.  It sufficed.

bagel sandwich

I do love watching out the windows in airplanes and last night was no different.  There was quite the pretty view from 30,000 feet in the air.


And of course the best part of it all is seeing my brother!  Love you, Boy!


After being on the plane sitting for so many hours, I definitely felt the need to get moving.  I walked around a bit in the airport while waiting for our bags, but I still felt like all the blood was in my feet.  I told Jonny that I couldn’t wait to do a handstand when we got back to Justin’s place.  They both think I’m weird, I’m pretty sure, but let me tell you: doing inversions felt SO good!  (Perfect timing for Rachel’s Handstand Friday!)


Where was the last place you traveled?  Have you ever been to Arizona?  Any recommendations for Scottsdale?

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  1. You have to try wildfish seafood grill! It’s delicious! And make sure you walk down the art street in downtown. There’s so many galleries with beautiful works of art. I hope you have a great time!

  2. Anywhere in Scottsdale is cool. I love Arizona. You will too! It’s so beautiful. It’s an athletes playground too. Plenty of hiking trails. Try the Camelback mountains in Scotsdale. . Have fun!!

    • went hiking this morning! we went to squaw peak though – supposedly camelback is super crowded because they recently closed most of the trails and there’s just one open now?

    • YES! i wanted to do one this morning on our hike but my brother said that was not a good idea haha so i went with a backbend instead!

  3. Have so much fun in Scottsdale! I love visiting Arizona. I am sure that the weather is gorgeous right now! If you love pizza you should totally visit Oregano’s. It is an awfully tasty restaurant and has a pretty chill atmosphere! They also have delicious Italian-inspired sandwiches.

  4. I was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona so it’s home to me. My parents and in-laws still live there, so we go back often. Oregano’s in Scottsdale is one of my favorite pizza/pasta places! So good! They have pizookies that you MUST try if you go! 🙂 Have so much fun!

    • ok we went last night (per your recommendation) but were too full to try a pizookie… they looked amazing!! maybe we’ll pick one up today haha

    • you were the third one to recommend oregano’s so we went last night – SO GOOD! awesome recommendation, thanks! 🙂

  5. My sister lives in Phoenix and one of my best friends live in Tempe. I’ve been to a couple places in Scottsdale but I usually forget where they are! Recently good restaurants in the area though: Oink Cafe, Barrio Cafe. I know there was a fun karaoke place in Scottsdale that we went to one night that also served sushi and had a great happy hour. The Scottsdale Fashion Mall is always fun for shopping too, or at least it was a few years ago! Have a great trip!

  6. I literally just got off an airplane from SLC. I HATE FLYING!!! Do you like it? Literally EVERY TINY LITTLE BUMP freaks me out! I don’t know if maybe it’s because I cannot see what’s ahead of the plane or perhaps it’s because we are FLYING IN THE AIR AND THAT’S JUST NOT NATURAL… I call planes = FLYING COFFINS! lol

    • really? i don’t mind flying… i love airports – i think itz fun to people watch! glad you made it safely 🙂 🙂

  7. haha you’re so cute and lively, I love that! 😀 And I’ve been to Arizona a couple of times, but it was in Sun City, which is an elderly majority type of city and wouldn’t recommend it unless you actually want to spend time with them–otherwise, it’s kind of a weird feeling because everyone there doesn’t do much and is retired~it feels a little bit sad!

    And the last place I traveled was a year ago! haha, it was for our honeymoon in Kauai, Hawaii~~~~miss it so much *tear*

    • hawaii – nice!!! never been but def would love to visit!! our honey money was like two years ago (jamaica) and i totally miss it!!

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