Romance Ninja

I’ve got a marvelous story for you today…

Once upon a time there was a man named Jason.  (He can also be referred to as, “Linz’s older brother.”)  He scheduled a photoshoot with Stephanie Cotta Photography.  (SCP can also be referred to as, “Linz’s older sister’s photography business.”)  It was a family photoshoot.  Jason brought his kiddo and his lady Amy brought her two kiddos.  Little did Amy know… Jason is a romance ninja!


How did it happen?  Stephanie explained on her Facebook pageAfter situating the kids on a blanket to play, I told Amy I wanted to try this gorgeous new pose so I turned her back to Jason and told her just to look off in the distance. (I’m so professional!) Meanwhile, Jason was getting down on one knee and I was pretending to tell Jason to smile at her so she thought we were still shooting… Then I told her that she was to turn around and look at each other and little did she know there he was on one knee when she turned around.  Best part?  She said YES!

jason amy

We are so excited to officially welcome Amy and her kids into our family!  I mean, don’t they already just look like the most perfect adorable family?

jason amy

I’d say they all lived happily ever (and they will), but itz probably more appropriate to say itz just the beginning of their happily ever after story…

jason amy

All photos by Stephanie Cotta Photography.

What’s the cutest marriage proposal story you know? 

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  1. Oh my goodness! This bit of happiness is just what I needed on this dark Monday morning!! Congrats to your family – what a wonderful thing to celebrate 🙂

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