Feel the Burn Total Body Workout

How do you feel when plans change?  I don’t mind it at all as I’m super laid back and usually make plans at the last minute anyway.  Jonny, on the other hand, loves to make plans far in advance, and gets upset if we deviate from them or if they change.  I suppose that one of the reasons we work out so well?  #oppositesattract  Anyway, last night I had plans to meet Clare and Becca for dinner, but the place we intended on going to closed earlier than we expected.

We decided to go to Nadoz Cafe.  I was stoked because I’d been wanting to eat there after trying their juice.  Well, they closed earlier than we thought, too!  Nadoz also has a wine bar that is right next door, so we went there instead.

clare becca

Plans changed from having juice with dinner to vino, but it was fantastic anyway since my company was the most important part.  I ordered the sea scallops and they were just as delicious as they were beautiful (as you can tell from my empty plate!).

Yesterday after school I led a 45-minute workout session with a few teachers who stayed after.  Itz part of our Wellness Wednesdays, so every other week I teach a bootcamp-style class while another teacher does Zumba classes on opposite weeks.  I love my co-workers anyway, and this is just one more reason why!

This was the second class that I led, and I have to get creative since we workout in the library.  No equipment.  I titled the workout Feel the Burn because that’s exactly what our muscles did.  Plus, it worked our total body.

Feel the Burn Total Body Workout

Resources for the exercises that aren’t quite as common: Skaters, Plank Walk-Ups, Frog Jumps, Diamond Push-Ups, Plie Squats, and Supermans.

We warmed up for 5 minutes by running up and down the school stairs (three flights).  Then, we completed the circuit once through, and then a second time with 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.  My muscles were burning!

Feel the Burn Total Body Workout can be done anywhere, anytime, and requires NO equipment!  No more excuses, friends, get it done!

Since my classroom has exercise balls for chairs, I’d like to design our next workout using the balls.  What are your favorite moves on stability balls?

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  3. I was snowed into my apartment today and did this workout in my kitchen. Woooah was it good! Thanks for providing links explaining some of the moves. That was super helpful and took away any excuse I might have had not to do the workout.

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