Itz Wednesday which means itz a WIAW party over at Peas and Crayons!  My eats yesterday were very random, mostly healthy, and totally delicious.  I love food, so pretty much everything I eat is delicious.  Breakfast is obviously first and that was my most put together meal of the day.  I went with my Coconut Flour Pancake – itz always a good one!  (I used two whole eggs instead of 1/4 cup egg whites.)

coconut flour pancake

I topped it with coconut oil and fresh blueberries and strawberries.  So good I didn’t even need syrup!  I highly recommend spreading a thin layer of coconut oil on your pancakes; it makes the world of difference!

Lunch was… interesting.  I grabbed a bunch of stuff from my fridge and decided I’d assemble it all at school.  My intentions were to have a whole wheat tortilla filled with avocado, spinach, and raw peppers.  However, when I cut into my avocado, I saw it was not good at all. #fail  But then I noticed in the teacher’s lounge was a tray of taco dip that a co-worker made.  I spread a couple scoops of that in my tortilla then added the spinach and pepper slices.  It worked and was actually tasty!


I made and ate a second one after the first.  The tortillas I use are La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious.  They pack 7 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein!  And they only have 50 calories on top of it all.  Great stats for a tortilla.

Mediterranean Snacks sponsored my school’s Wellness Wednesday and provided us with Baked Lentil Chips & Baked Lentil CrackersLentils are among the world’s healthiest foods and are high in protein, iron, vitamin B1 and essential minerals for a healthy diet.

Med Snax 1

I had a bag of the Baked Lentil Chips for a snack.  I think the Rosemary flavored chips have the most flavor.  They all pack a great crunch though!

med snax

I had a meeting after school yesterday and was pretty hungry after school.  I munched on a couple of things (like the Tropical Rice Pudding I have leftover in my fridge), made Jonny a peanut butter sandwich for his lunch tomorrow (and snuck a couple spoonfuls of pb), and then decided I should probably prepare food for dinner instead of munching my way through the kitchen.  Our fridge is a bit bare, and I didn’t feel like waiting for any meat from our freezer to defrost.

I had a butternut squash in the pantry that needed to be used, so I roasted it on 400 for about 30 minutes and sprinkled cinnamon on top.  Then I steamed some [frozen] broccoli and topped it with nooch sauce (nutritional yeast + Silk almond milk).

broccoli & butternut squash

Since there wasn’t much protein in this, I knew I’d be hungry later.  I had a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in my pantry and decided to last night was the night they would get made!  I enjoyed a couple of cookies with milk for a bedtime snack.


The rest of the batch will be taken to school to share my with team.  These cookies aren’t healthy, but itz all about moderation!  I love my indulgences!

What’s the best thrown together meal you’ve made lately?

52 thoughts on “Itz WIAW

  1. I’m all about spreading coconut oil onto basically everything. It’s just so good! All your eats look super yummy! Chocolate chip cookies before bed- seriously nothing better than that! I am known to throw together meals all the time… I just take whatever veggies I have, add whatever protein I have on hand, and voila!

  2. A cookie from time to time is never a bad thing in my opinion. Like you said all things in moderation. I always make small batches or freeze extra cookies or treats so I don’t have them sitting around tempting me. Bringing them to work is also a great idea to share with others who will enjoy them too!

  3. I’ll have to check out those wraps!! Looks so yummy!! My best thrown together meal lately have been my lunch salads….I basically just forge through the fridge and throw a bunch of veggies in and top with tuna and an avacado….so yummy!!!

  4. That nooch sauce sounds like a brilliant idea. Quick and easy.

    And I’m glad that you found another topping for your wrap! I would not have been able to survive on just tortillas and veggies 😀

  5. I LOVE Coconut oil and have been putting it in and on everything lately. I purchased a HUGE tub of it from Costco just a few weeks ago and we’ve already made quite a dent! I threw together Paleo Chicken Fajitas last night that were delicious! I guess fajitas are pretty hard to mess up but they were really good!

  6. Yum! Everything looks so good. The best thrown together meal I had lately was mixing my veggie bowl leftovers with roasted red pepper hummus and putting it on a toasted sandwich thin. Delicious!

  7. the last photo looks so very cozy and delish! i dig the coconut oil idea on pancakes, very cool and probably tastier than syrup because you can actually taste the yummy pancakes. omg thanks for the stats on those tortillas, sounds great and what a cool idea to put the taco dip in there. i love lentil chips and love that the company sponsors your school. healthy snacks FTW! salivating over the butternut squash.

    • The taco dip wasn’t the healthiest but ehhhhh everything in moderation 🙂 🙂 And it tasted good so can’t mess with that!!

  8. Mmmmmm yes coconut oil!!!!!!! I’ve been having more and more of it lately 🙂 SO GOOD. I just eat my squash cold with some hard coconut oil on top 😉

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