Let’s Call It “Juice”

On Sunday I was contacted by Steve, owner of Nadoz Cafe, to come in and try their new juice bar.  I jumped at the opportunity because I did not even know a real juice bar existed in St. Louis.  (Smoothies that have fruit and tons of added sugar don’t count!)

After learning about the Euro Bakery + Cafe, Steve offered me a juice. He asked what I would like, and all of their combinations sounded so good!  Lately I’ve seen tons of juices with beets and ginger in them, so I was curious to try something along those lines. Steve suggested the Tropical Beet Juice with beets, apple, pineapple, and ginger.

Nadoz juice

It was totally awesome!  The pineapple provided the perfect amount of sweetness and the hint of ginger was not overpowering at all.  Definitely a fan.  I can’t wait to go back for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; they even have a wine bar that’s open in the evening.  Their menu is quite extensive and everything is made in-house.  Their juices contain no added sugar or pre-made juices.  They have a fancy juicer where they literally throw fresh fruit and vegetables in, and it turns it into smooth, nutrient-packed juice.  If only I had one in my own kitchen!

I did try to make my own juice at home by merely throwing a bunch of fruits and vegetables into my blender.  Here’s what my mix contained: ice, banana, carrots, celery, orange, flaxseed, spinach, kale, raw cacao powder, cinnamon, and water.

smoothie juice

Let’s just call it “juice,” yeah?  It really just turned into a smoothie, and I didn’t mind the taste, but it was certainly not as fine (nor as pretty!) as the juice from Nadoz.  Good try, Linz.  I did still get all the benefits of the vitamins and minerals from the fruits and veggies though.  And if you’re wondering: there is not a strong vegetable taste at all.  The banana and cinnamon really negate the strong “greens” taste.

Since this green juice didn’t provide any protein, I knew I needed to have something a bit more substantial to tide me over til lunch.  Plus, I workout in the morning, so having protein is especially important to refuel and repair muscles.  I made protein pudding.

protein pudding

In the puddin’: Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder, coconut flour, vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, and NuNaturals vanilla stevia.  I slowly add the milk until the desired consistency is reached.

Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting today’s WIAW.

Lunch included baked chicken, steamed broccoli, and an apple.


Simple, but healthy and filling.  For snack I had a Dale’s Raw Protein Bar in raspberry hazelnut that I received in my last Conscious Box.  While the bar doesn’t look appealing, it actually tasted really good!  Plus, it packed 22 grams of protein!

dale's raw protein bar

(No nasty comments of what the bar looks like, please.)  Dinner was such a hodge podge.  We had leftover chicken and I roasted a cauliflower and sprinkled paprika and red pepper on it.  Then I found an eggplant in my fridge, so I roasted that, too.  After seeing the two white vegetables, I decided I needed some greens.  In the oven went rainbow chard sprayed with olive oil and nutritional yeast on top.


Very random, but it worked and was Jonny-approved, as well.  The other day I picked up Organic Stone Ground Extra Dark Chocolate from Trader Joe’s.  Itz a “traditional Mexican-style chocolate,” and ohmygoodness itz absolutely delicious!


Itz such a rich and satisfying treat.  Mmm mmm mmm!

Do you make your own juice?  What’s your favorite combination?

41 thoughts on “Let’s Call It “Juice”

  1. We just started making juice since we got a juicer for Christmas and I love it! I’ve even used the pulp to make a few things for my little guy. Pancakes…oat drops… You’re protein pudding sounds tasty! I’m going to have to try that!

    • Omg I’m totally jealous that you have a juicer!! I’ve heard a lot of parents sneaking in fruits and veggies for their little ones – great idea!

  2. I have never juiced myself (that sounds strange- juiced myself?!) because I don’t have room for any more kitchen equipment! lol! Seriously I wish I could borrow or rent one. I probably wouldn’t use it too much though because of the expense of going through so much produce, but sometimes I crave a good juice. The one you tried looks awesome.

    • Haha! “Juicing” sounds like what athletes do! Produce is def expensive – I get a lot from my farmer’s market which is much more reasonable!

  3. I have never made my own juice because I have the world crappiest blender but I would love to try making it at some point!! If only someone would magically gift me a vitamix! Your juice concoction sounds intriguing and probably something I would like!

    • Omg that would be a dream to be gifted a vitamix!!! My blender isn’t awesome, but it definitely works with basic fruits and veggies!

  4. Highly recommend you invest in a juicer…blending just doesn’t do it justice (and I have a Vitamix)…to me, I get an instant shot of energy after drinking a fresh juice…carrots, celery, ginger, cucumbers, etc are my favs…don’t even need fruit.

    • You should give Payton celery juice sometime and see her reaction – ha! Ok maybe don’t; that may turn her off of veggies! Hopefully we’ll go to Nadoz for our next meet up – itz awesome!

  5. I have a cheap juicer that works pretty well, but it’s such a pain to clean! I’ve tried making juice in my blender… but it gets so thick!! I need to perfect the ‘vegetable smoothie’. Sometimes I make juice in the blender than then press it through panty hose to strain it!!! Sounds crazy but it works perfectly!! But then I feel bad about losing all that pulp… Oh well. Love your WIAW!!

    • Really? I already think washing the blender is a big enough pain! That’s hilarious you press it through panty hose!! I love pulp.

  6. Oh my gosh, both the juice and protein pudding look SO good! I love the consistency of the pudding, and I’ve been trying to get into juicing again. I got sick off of it a while ago, so it has taken a while to get back into craving it haha. I tend to make my juice in the blender and then use a nut my=ilk bag to “juice” it out. It works really well, then you don’t have to clean a hefty juicer.

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