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Last week when Clare and I were driving to a social media event together, we were talking about blogging in the car.  Very childishly, I looked over to her and squealed, “I just love blogging!”  She smiled back and replied, “So do I!”


One of the many reasons I love blogging is for the community.  Locally, we have created a St. Louis Bloggers group to unite all the bloggers in our area.  There are many different styles of bloggers: healthy living, fashion, craft, lifestyle, and more.  Last Friday evening, Ces & Judy’s graciously hosted us for a lovely dinner at their location in Frontenac which is a beautiful event space for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, rehearsal dinners, cocktail hours, and more!

We were served dinner in The Round Room which holds up to 80 people and has such a warm, cozy feel with their built-in fireplace.  Ces & Judy’s also has a gorgeous ballroom which holds up to 250 people.  (We actually looked here for our wedding, but our numbers were too high!  I can only imagine how beautiful a wedding would be here!)  There is a balcony that overlooks The Round Room.  We went up for a picture, and were asked to make a silly face.  What else do you expect from a group of picture-loving bloggers?

STL bloggers

From left to right: Rachel at Style Every Day, Yokasta at Get U Moving Fitness, Courtney at Journey of a Dreamer, Clare at Fitting It All In, Christina at Homemade Ocean, Katie at Mom’s Little Running Buddy, Jenny at The Jenny Pincher, Ashley at Eat, Run, Live Happy, Karen at Arch City Homes, and yours truly. 🙂  Some great bloggers – definitely check them out!

Jenna, the marketing coordinator, added so many fun details just for us.  Like this dazzling pink picture frame which was a hit among us lady bloggers.


She even printed a menu that was designed especially for us.  It was complete with our #STLBLOGGERS hashtag that we’ve been using on Twitter.

ces & judy's menu

And while we were drooling at the menu and the site of the food, you know us bloggers had to get up close and personal with our cameras and the food!


I sampled some of everything and enjoyed every bite.  I really liked the food; it was comforting yet elegant and very nicely presented.

Ces & Judy's dinner

I can see why Ces & Judy’s travel all over St. Louis on a daily basis to cater all sorts of events!  They do everything from small get togethers to large parties.  Everything about the evening was impressive, and I’d definitely recommend Ces & Judy’s for catering and especially their event space.  The staff goes over and beyond to make your night just right.  I’d feel comfortable putting my trust in them.

Of course, we had to snap a picture of the fabulous FitFluential Ambassadors in attendance because, well, we rock.

FFA ces & judy's

And one last message that all the St. Louis Bloggers would like to leave you with:

Thanks for a great night, Ces & Judy’s!

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  2. I often forget where bloggers are based, so this was quite a fun post for me to read (and fun for me to see happening over Instagram!).

    I had no idea that you, Clare, and Yokasta were all in the same area! I need to make my way to St. Louis at some point, it seems. 🙂

    • omg “regular” friends def don’t get the blogging thing!! i get teased for taking pictures of myself all the time haha

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