I’m thinkin’…

I have a lot of random thoughts going on; hence, today’s post may be a bit jumbled since I’m going to dump ’em all out.  But hey itz Friday, so that’s gotta count for something, right?  Right.

I’m thinkin’… I’m excited to lift weights this morning!  I had been lifting weights on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but this week was a little different.  I did a total body workout on Monday, took a rest day on Tuesday, and then incline walked on Wednesday and Thursday.  It made me miss strength training (yes, I really do miss those weights!), so I’ll be sure to get in a good workout this morning.


I’m thinkin’… Mizuno compression socks are great when traveling – in the car or plane!  They keep the blood flowing while minimizing swelling.

mizuno socks

I’m thinkin’… I should probably take a short break from almond butter.  I’ve gone through two jars in ten days.  I’m all about enjoying foods and no deprivation, however I’m also a believer in moderation and two jars in ten days just is not moderation.  (Raw creamy unsalted from Trader Joe’s is my favorite!)  I’ll be back for you, almond butter.

almond butter

(No worries: you KNOW I’ll scrape out every last bit of that almond butter during this morning’s breakfast of oats in a jar!)

I’m thinkin’… Chobani is SO generous for sponsoring my school’s first “Wellness Wednesday.”  I’m on the Wellness Committee and we want to start providing healthy snacks for our staff members once a month.  We had such a positive response from people trying Chobani for the first time – they loved it! (I mean, who doesn’t??)  And now about 80 more people know that Chobani is a great snack, especially on the go.  Whenever people ask me about yogurt, I always suggest greek yogurt since itz packed with protein and keeps you full much longer than regular yogurt.


I’m thinkin’… I had a lovely dinner with my friend Danielle and her daughter Addyson last night at Sweet Tomatoes.  I’m not usually a buffet fan, but all you can eat salad bar with fresh veggies?  Count me in!  (My Instagram friends saw the massive salad beast I made last night.)  Addyson had fun tasting lots of healthy food: broccoli, butternut squash, sunflower seeds, kidney beans, spinach, and chickpeas.  Start those healthy habits young!  “Mmm mmm mmm!  This is good!” Yes, she really said that while munching on a piece of broccoli.


I’m thinkin… I wish Zoey felt better.  She has really bad allergies and gets skin infections a lot.  We had to take her back to the vet (again!), and now she is on several different medications.  Well, last night after dinner she got sick.  I’m hoping she tolerates the meds a bit better today and we can kick this infection!  But she’s still super cute…


What are YOU thinkin’ today?

39 thoughts on “I’m thinkin’…

  1. Awwww… Poor Zoey! My dog gets skin allergies too and has to get shots every few months 🙁 I hope she starts to feel better soon!

    • Zoey has been on allergy shots for the past year every two weeks. Our doc just switched it to a smaller dose and every week, so we’ll see if that makes a difference!

  2. Awww poor Zooey 🙁 <3 Praying for your girl! (who I still need to meet btw!!!!!!) I hope you had a great weight lifting sesh 🙂

    What am I thinking? My fridge is bare! I need to go shopping NOW

    Love u

    • Come to STL! 🙂 🙂 Go grocery shopping, girl! Itz like one of my favorite things to do – I go multiple times a week! haha

  3. I start to miss weights when I go a while without doing them too. I did weights yesterday for the first time in week and it felt so good. 😀

    Poor Zooey – I hope she feels better!

    I’m thinking I’m excited to eat the smoked salmon in my fridge for lunch today!

  4. I’m thinkin’ I ALSO love weights. I no longer belong to a gym (one of my 2013 resolutions) so it’s all up to me to pick ’em up and put ’em down 🙂

  5. I love your grey nail polish! I hope Zoey feels bettter very soon, and I am glad to hear a blogger saying something nice about Chobani as a company! I love Chobani yogurts.

    • I think Chobani is incredibly generous and wants people to eat healthy and snack healthy which is why they love giving their product out!

  6. OHhh I haven’t been to Sweet Tomatoes in over a year. I don’t have one around my area, so I go when I visit my dad in Arizona. This time I didn’t go though (I wanted Pei Wei instead haha.) Awesome about Chobani!!

  7. Ah, I need to get me some compression socks for when I travel because my legs really start to feel it. I hope your sweet doggie gets better real soon!! I’m thinkin’ that I’m so glad it’s Friday and a long weekend because I’m craving some quality time with the hubs. 🙂

    • Ahhh that would be SO fun!! Well, you need to visit then my sis could do your maternity pix – PERFECT solution! 🙂 🙂

  8. I have a horrible problem keeping my nut butter consumption under control, its just so good! My goldendoodle Bentley has to have allergy shots too 🙁 What food do you feed her? Bentley seems to do well on the natural balance L.I.D large breed and only really gets fruits and veggies as treats. I have also found that cleaning his ears with a water/vinegar mix helps to keep the ear infections away (my vet recommended it when we were worried he was getting antibiotics too often).

    • Zoey is on this food we get from the vet – hydrolized soy (yum! haha) and we do have this solution to clean her ears but the water/vinegar mix sounds a lot cheaper than what we’ve been buying from the vet!

  9. I totally get you with the weights, if ever I miss a session I start to get withdrawal symptoms.. I’ve never actually tried almond butter, how does it compare with peanut butter? Your love for it makes me want to try some, seriously!

    I hope Zoey gets better, and try to be frugal with the almond butter!

    • omg you’ve never tried almond butter?!?! you’ve got to fix that now!! honestly, since trying other nut butters (almond butter, cashew butter, coconut butter, sunflower seed butter) peanut butter has become my least favorite kind (i do still love it). you’ve got to try some other nut butters – they’re amazing!! 🙂 🙂

  10. I do love the sound of a salad buffet – and Addyson is adorable! I wish I was as excited about broccoli at that age.

    My workouts now focus more on weights than cardio, so I get those in about 4 times a week. I took two weeks off over Christmas and I remember missing it a lot!

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