Turn Around Ab Workout

Itz Friday!! Not that this week was long or anything… Glad itz Friday, that’s all.  It was a super busy week coupled with the first full work week after my winter break.  However, you know I still found time to workout.  I lifted weights three times this week and did cardio and core the other two days.  I started with 30 minutes on the elliptical then went down to the mat to work my abs.  I began with some regular old crunches, then rotated my body 90 degrees for some leg lifts.  Then, I turned again for some supermans, and turned again for some leg lifts.  You get the point.  I ended up turning all around over and over.  Hence, the name for this new ab workout. 🙂

turn around ab workout

I did this at the gym, but last night I wanted to recreate it so Jonny could snap some action photos.  (I mean, I’m a blogger, hello!)  We’re at my in-laws, so of course the dogs had to make an appearance.  They are always in the way love being on camera!  First the vlog, now the pictures.  Oh well, itz all good.

During the side leg lifts Zoey had to sniff around…

side leg lift

And then Paris wanted to check out my shoes during the supermans…


By the end Paris didn’t know what to do with herself, so she just photobombed right in front of me during the donkey kicks.  Nice, Paris.

donkey kick

PS: The shirt I’m rockin’ is brand new from pv.body!

Do your dogs photobomb all.the.time?  Plans for this weekend? TGIF!

35 thoughts on “Turn Around Ab Workout

  1. My cat LOVES photobombing. She also considers any time I’m on the floor as play time, which makes foam rolling and floor exercises hilarious sometimes. If I try to do something like crunches she will sometimes try to get on my stomach.

  2. Oh my gosh, my dog photo bombs my BEST photos. Always! It’s like he knows 😉 And when I actually want him to be in a photo, he won’t have it!

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