The Average Guy Workout

Woah, yesterday felt long.  Even though I worked three days last week, yesterday was a long day.  I think itz because I stayed after school (as I do every Monday) to help facilitate the Go! St. Louis Read, Right, & Run Marathon program.  We have a ton of kids involved, which, of course, I love.  So many young bodies excited to MOVE, excited to run.  Anyway, it wasn’t seven o’clock before I felt like I finally had some time for myself.  So today’s post will be short and sweet hilarious.

I posted one video from our dinner party of Diana, Whitney, and me doing push-ups.  (Four to be exact. Ha!)  Well, today I have one that may leave you peeing your pants.  Itz that funny.  Diana’s fiance and Whitney’s husband were discussing “The Average Guy Workout.”  Check it out:

Funny, right?  We were seriously crying on Friday night as it was going on.  Oh, and the “dump trucks” that Andy was referring to are actually this recipe.

By the way, I’ll have some new workouts coming your way.  I’d been following my same workout routine for several weeks now, and I needed a change.  Instead of focusing on just a couple of body parts once a week, I’m going to still lift three days a week, but will be doing total body workouts each day.  I’ll post the workouts as soon as I perfect them 🙂

Do you know anyone who can relate to the “Average Guy Workout?”  What does your workout routine look like?

16 thoughts on “The Average Guy Workout

  1. Haha, funny video!
    What does my workout routine look like? Right now I workout 5-6 days a week, I do cardio and weights. I like to mix it up every now and then because otherwise it’ll get boring. If my workouts get boring I start to make excuses to why I cant work out.

  2. I needed to get back into a routine with an actual program set in mind, so I decided to start the Jamie Eason LiveFit program again. I can’t wait for the next average guy workout video to come out!

  3. You are just full of new workouts lately, missy!!!!! 🙂 Good for you girl!

    Honestly, I used to do the same workout routine for 4 – 6 weeks, but now I change it up every week while following the same split and have noticed SO much better results 🙂

    Love you

  4. LOL!! that video is too funny! ..and i love that you’re doing the read, right and run program! 🙂 i wrote a research article, ‘childhood nutrition and academic achievement’ that you’d prob really like, it has a lot of cool statistics – and shows how important programs like read, right and run really are! here’s the link if u want to check it out, it’s also on my sidebar as a ‘favorite post’ 🙂

  5. Too funny! I like to mix my workouts up to avoid boredom. I hit up CrossFit 3 times per week and then either run or use the elliptical 2-3 times per week!

  6. I didn’t remember that you helped with a kids running program – that’s awesome!! I work too late to be able to do that, but I love everything that encourages kids to be active. 🙂

    My strength workouts are 2 days a week right now (tried to fit in 3, but it just doesn’t work) – back/biceps & chest/triceps – with light legs on both days.

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