To Set Resolutions… Or Not

Resolutions.  That’s a word you’ve heard about 50 billion times in the last week, eh?  I’ve never been one to set New Years resolutions.  The truth is: I do pretty well already.  I eat mostly healthy (trust me, I have more than my fair share of indulgences!).  I exercise on a consistent basis (and love every minute of it!).  I take care of myself (I get enough sleep and keep stress to a minimum!).  I’m happy.

Now hear me out:  I’m not saying I’m perfect.  By no means whatsoever am I even hinting at that.  I think there’s always room to improve, but in general… I’m doing great.  Sometimes I think our society places so much emphasis on being superwoman (or man), and it can leave people feeling like nothing they do is ever good enough.  Well, I disagree with that.  I’m giving you the ok to be content in your life.

Do you want to make resolutions?  Go for it!  (And if you need help with any aspect, I’d love to help!)  Personally, they’re just not for me.  I can’t say, “I won’t eat ice cream anymore.”  To me, that’s pure craziness!  I do make healthy choices, and I think itz important people do, in general.  However, I’m also a HUGE believer in listening to your body.  If you want ice cream, eat some.  This does not mean eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day of your life nor does it mean to eat an entire gallon in one sitting.  Honor your body, your wants, your cravings in moderation!


I strive to be a better person each and every day.  I do like to try new foods and new ideas which is why I will be trying the New Year New Rules program.  Now, this may seem hypocritical to everything I just wrote.  However, itz not a diet nor a resolution – just a 15 day program with real food and clean eats.  We’ll see how it goes and I’ll be sure to share with you my feedback.

Making small changes to live a healthier life are the way to go in my book.  For example, “I will eat breakfast everyday,” or, “I will get 8 hours of sleep each night,” or, “I will move my body 4 times a week.”  THOSE are goals worth setting if you need somewhere to start.


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Do you set New Years resolutions?  What are your thoughts on the matter?

27 thoughts on “To Set Resolutions… Or Not

  1. I really liked the concept of “one word” for your year, so that’s the approach I’ve taken this year. Really, I’m just building on something I started working on in December, but it’s what feels right for me. I don’t think resolutions, goals, or whatever are necessary for everyone though! 🙂

  2. Although I’m not a big resolutions person either, I do think it’s easy to think that resolutions have to be about losing weight, eating better, or exercising more when they really can be about anything in our life that we want to improve on (i.e. relationships, better time management, etc). I think we should always be challenging ourselves to improve in different areas in our lives throughout the year!

  3. Permission to be content with yourself. Love that 😀 I don’t set resolutions on January 1st because I’m constantly re-evaluating my life to see where I can make improvements, while working on accepting the things I can’t change. I think that people put too much pressure on themselves around New Year and forget that it’s never a bad time to make positive changes!

  4. I’ve been off the healthy eating track for a bit, so setting resolutions was really helpful for me. But good for you for giving yourself a bit of a break from them! If you’re already eating well, exercising, and happy with your life, why put that extra pressure on yourself, right? :).

  5. Love this post Linz!
    I love the shout outs that you gave to other Fitfluential Ambassadors. Oh and no I didn’t make resolutions this year, just set a few goals! Cheers, Tara 🙂

  6. I couldn’t agree more!! Sometimes I feel like I’m always making new goals in order to be more “perfect”. Maybe my resolution should be to stop trying to be perfect!! I eat my fair share of ice-cream… so I think I’m on track 🙂

  7. Hi Linz! I believe this to be a great outlook and glad you provided your point of view on this all! I have debated resolutions for this year, and while some in certain areas would be helpful, I think staying away from them for now is a better idea 🙂

  8. This is such a great post Lindsay! I love that you’ll be happy where you are! Such a great outlook you have, that many of use can adopt for ourselves for the better! I’m not a fan of resolutions just because I don’t get why a day holds so much value over those things and people get so attached to them. I like the idea of small goals that end up adding up to something over time. It seems to overwhelming if you look for the huge resolution, which I think is why so many people don’t end up accomplishing them. Oops, sorry for the spiel;) xo

  9. First of all OMGOMG OMGGGG I WON!! SO exciting!! Emailing you RIGHT after this comment. Secondly, I love your approach to the resolutions. I agree with you in the fact that I try to stay consistent ALL year and not have to make any drastic changes at the beginning. With that said I don’t make resolutions, instead I make small goals. I find this to be in continuation with my already consistent life decisions!

  10. I actually didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year. Not for any particular reason. It just didn’t cross my mind. After reading this, I wonder if it’s bc I AM content with where I am at this very moment. I plan on exercising more and incorporating cardio back into my workout regimen as my HA issues are no more. Other than that, I don’t know what Major changes I want to make. I mean of course there are still lots of improvements to be made, but that I’ll know as the year unfolds itself ;). I love your attitude and your zeal for life! Have a wonderful Sunday, my beautiful friend!

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