Friday Facts

Wait, itz Friday?!  The end of my one full week off?  Where did the time go?  Well, I have been thoroughly enjoying my break, and still have Monday and Tuesday off of next week.  Here are some Friday facts from this past week.

FACT: I love working out.


Shocker, right?  What’s different about this week is that I don’t have to set my alarm to workout, and I can take as long as I want at the gym.  Usually I’m still up by 6, but just the fact that I’m not pressed for time and don’t have to wake up at 5:15 is a bonus.  Plus, I have more time to create my own workouts and try them out. Like this one.

FACT: Numerous cups of coffee have been consumed this past week.


I’m not an everyday coffee drinker, but when I have extra time I do like to leisurely have a cup.  Most mornings itz been happening while I’m at my computer reading blogs as I’m in no rush to get dressed or be anywhere.

FACT:  The majority of my time off has been spent in my pajamas.

me zoey pjs

And I’m totally ok with it.  In fact, I got FIVE new pairs of pajamas for Chanukah.  Totally serious.  Jonny, my parents, my in-laws, my sister, and my brother all got me a new pair.  Think I’m obsessed?  Or set for life?

FACT:  I’ve put together some glorious meals.

mexican dinner

Since we had tons of leftovers from the Mexican Omelette, I put it to good use for our dinner.  One of my Chanukah presents from Jonny were these dish things that you can put a tortilla in and bake them to become taco shells.  Well, I found the most perfect tortillas with 50 calories, 7 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of protein.  We used them as our taco shells and added fresh spinach, the Mexican mixture, and topped it with avocado, plain Chobani greek yogurt, and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

FACT: The winner of my New Year New Rules giveaway is #16 Elle.  Congratulations!  Please e-mail me at  Thank you to all who entered; you may still register for NYNR here and use discount code nynr20 to receive 20% off.

Tell me a FACT for today.

55 thoughts on “Friday Facts

  1. Ahh love the PJs! Victorias secret? That taco bowl looked gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the brand of tortilla? Sounds like a great holiday!

    • Target! 🙂 My lil bro did get me a pair of pajamas from VS – those are in the wash right now! La Tortilla Factory – Smart & Delicious are the tortillas!

  2. So cute the pic of you and your sweet pupper in the jammies… I used to make jammies for ours!

    I am stoked to be chosen the winner of your NYNR giveaway! Thanks so much. I just emailed you.

    I am doing your #15 workout today! Just waiting for my lunch to settle….

  3. Workout, great. Coffee, no problem. Omelette with avocado, delicious. But Linz, your DOG HAS PAJAMAS!! That must be in the top 10 signs of the apocalypse. Ok ok, fine, the dog is cute. Nice post, glad you enjoyed your week off.

  4. Isn’t sleeping until you want to and then going to the gym and not having a time crunch the BEST?! That’s why my weekend workouts are my favorites!
    That tortilla bowl looks incredible, like a restaurant!
    Fact: PJs are the best gift.

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