#15 Full Body Circuit Workout

After all the decadent food, sweet treats, and flowing drinks we’ve all been consuming lately, I hope y’all have made it to the gym or done something to stay active.  (Yes, I’m lookin’ at YOU!)  You know how I feel about that!  If not, don’t beat yourself up; instead, START NOW!  Itz never too late to MOVE.  And I’ve got the perfect routine to whip your booty into shape and sweat out some of that blissful holiday food.  Itz a FULL BODY CIRCUIT WORKOUT!

#15 Full Body Circuit

Ooooh baby – this was a good one!  My friend and I did it together and we were sweating, hearts racing, and were SORE the next day.  All signs of a stellar workout in my opinion.  You can, of course, substitute dumbbells for the barbell or not use any additional weight at all.  I prefer barbells for lunges and squats as I think itz more comfortable and less awkward than holding dumbbells.

Last night I dropped by my sister’s house because the Chanukah gift she ordered me came in.  I decided to do a last-minute vlog on how to do plank walkups because I’m not sure that’s a very common exercise.  Stephanie got me new pajamas, so I’m sporting them during the video.  Don’t mind my long underwear!  Jacob, my nephew sidekick, is right alongside me helping out (and is in his jammies, too!).

You even got a quick glimpse of my niece, Audrey!

15 full body circuit

See?  #PROOF I did it!

Which do you prefer for lunges and squats: barbells or dumbbells?  Have you ever done plank walkups before?

35 thoughts on “#15 Full Body Circuit Workout

  1. Omg the video is awesome! They are so adorable haha. I’ve done plank walkups before but I actually didn’t know that’s what they were called. I’m not sure which I prefer, squats or lunges. I have my days where I prefer squats and days where I prefer lunges. But I usually opt for doing it with dumbbells.

  2. Ohhh my I absolutely love that vlog with you and Jacob in your jammies… too cute!! Thanks for the great fitness tips, as always 😉

  3. I have done plank walkups and not easy, especially when working on core strength. I prefer squats over lunges and have done many variations when it comes to squats. My personal trainer has me using dumbbells and barbells (have not used barbells since my late-teens, early 20s). I am drinking tea and drinking plenty of water to cleanse from the food and drink of the Holiday. Have a Great One – Great Workout!

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