3 Tips for the Holiday Season

Hi!  Itz Linz here and I’m going to give you the three most simple tips that will keep you sane, keep you healthy, and keep you happy during this busy holiday season.

3 tips for the holiday season

#1: ENJOY!  Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so stop beating yourself up over that cookie (or three) you ate at the party.  You will be surrounded by sweats and treats; stop fighting the battle, be mindful in what you eat, and ENJOY YOURSELF!  I will say, like I always do, practice moderation!  You don’t have to shovel all that food in your mouth – itz not going anywhere and there will be more for later.  Just truly enjoy it when you do have it.

Last night, I met my best friend and the rest of her bridesmaids at Brio for a delicious glass of wine [two], bread and olive oil, and a large salad.  What’s more is the company I was with – I didn’t stress about what I was putting in my mouth because that would have taken away from the lovely ladies and our plans for an epic bachelorette party soon to come!

brio enjoy

#2: STAY ACTIVE!  So you’ll enjoy that cake and drink and other indulgence (as you should), but don’t just sit around!  Get your butt to the gym, do an at-home workout, STAY ACTIVE!  Most people get an extra day or two (or week and a half) off work; you have all that extra time so carve out an hour here and there to take that new spin class you’ve been wanting to try or meet a buddy who is also off work for a gym date.  Just because itz the holidays doesn’t mean you have to sit around all day long.  Or if you’re like me, jump around in your living room when you get home post-happy hour and thank the hubby for taking countless pictures of various poses just to get the “perfect” shot.


(For the record, the “perfect” shot never happened.  So be it.  I got a short workout in with all the jumping and posing that went on in the meantime.)

#3: RELAX!  You probably are busier than normal during this holiday season.  Do find some time to relax.  For me, it came after this mock photoshoot as I was panting, out of breath, heart racing from all the jumping around.  I took a second to RELAX (and snap a photo – obviously).

me relax

That’s it.  That’s all you have to do: Enjoy. Stay Active. Relax.  Easy enough?  Now do it and get on with those holidays!

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What are your tips for the holidays?

40 thoughts on “3 Tips for the Holiday Season

    • For sure!! The weather here is getting super cold so I don’t think we’ll be doing much walking or hiking, but that’d be awesome if we could!!

  1. This is the first holiday season that I have been able to do all of the above and I am loving it. I use to work at a hotel running all the holiday programs, so this time of year of insane! I am also so happy/excited because this is the first time in the four years together that my now husband and I can spend Christmas and New Year’s together. I would normally work 12 hours on Christmas and 18-20 hours on New Year’s Eve.

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