Conscious Box Giveaway {CLOSED}

As I wrote on my Facebook page, “Yesterday’s events are horrific, disturbing,
and unforgettable.  While we cannot undo the damage, we can move forward
and try to improve ourselves and the world we live in.  We can come
together as a community, as a country, and as the world.  Do something
nice for someone else, smile at those you encounter, and pay it forward.
Be a bit kinder, more tolerable, and open your heart to those need. 
Let’s make the world a better place one tiny action at a time.”

I cannot begin to imagine the heartbreak that the families, community, and town of Newtown are suffering.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. xoxo


Since it is Monday, let’s try to find some marvelous here since we can’t let fear rule our lives.  We can find joy in the little things and enjoy our time we have together with our loved ones.  My Saturday night started out doing just that.  I got dolled up, and Jonny and I headed to our dear friends’ home for a Chanukah party.  Of course I added a spritz of my Forever Red perfume from the Cosmo VoxBox.

Forever Red

Loving itz scent.  We had an absolute blast celebrating the last night of Chanukah with some of our closest friends, eating delicious latkes, and smiling and laughing and merely enjoying each other’s company.

Sunday morning began with sleeping in (kind of, if 7 am counts), then making a homemade oatmeal pancake for breakfast.  I topped it with a smear of sunflower seed butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey.


So good.  After some cleaning and laundry, I decided making it to the gym wasn’t a priority.  Instead, I broke out my new yoga mat and turned on my Tara Stiles yoga dvd.  I felt rejuvenated after the 15 minutes of the “relaxed easygoing flow.”


Child’s pose, one of my favorites as itz so relaxing.  For Sunday night dinner we went over to my parents’ house where we celebrated the last night of Chanukah for the second time.  Lighting all the candles on the menorah is too nice to do just once!


My dad prepared an enormous beef tenderloin – literally, the size of a small cow.  My mom made her famous twice baked potatoes and green beans, cauliflower, and tomato mozzarella salad were our sides.

sunday night dinner

And while we were over there, I obviously had to show off the Program Guide of a local gym’s magazine where I was featured on the cover.  Hehe, it just doesn’t get old!

magazine cover

Now there’s some marvelous for ya!  What’s marvelous in your day?  For a whole lot of marvelous, pop on over to Healthy Diva Eats where itz Marevlous in my Monday!


The last bit of marvelous I’m bringing you today is a giveaway.  And actually I’m not bringing it, Conscious Box is.  I’ve written about Conscious Box several times.  Here and here and it was even on my Healthy Living Holiday Gift Guide.  Now, the kind folks at Conscious Box are giving one lucky reader the December Conscious Box!  Word around town is that they’ve totally outdone themselves on this one (they always do though)!  Make sure you leave some love on the Conscious Box Facebook page.

  • Conscious Box is a monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet—just like you.

Conscious Box Itz Linz

How to enter: leave a comment on this blog post telling us how you make the world a better place; it can be environmentally or paying it forward with a kind action (mandatory).  You may also complete the following steps for two additional entries.  Leave a comment telling us you did so.

  • Follow Itz Linz and Conscious Box on Twitter and tweet the following, “I want to win the December @ConsciousBox from @ItzLinz! Itz filled with pure & sustainable product samples!
  • Subscribe to Itz Linz by entering in your e-mail address and confirming your follow via e-mail.

This giveaway will be open until Thursday, December 20th at 8:00 pm CST.  One winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Friday, December 21st and will have 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be selected.  Good luck!

87 thoughts on “Conscious Box Giveaway {CLOSED}

  1. I make the world a better place by consciously recycling what I can and I always taking my reuseable grocery bags to the store when I do the weekly family shopping! Thanks so much!

  2. I’m a big fan of recycling. The town I live in is SO picky about how you recycle and won’t take stuff most of the time. Instead of thowing stuff away, I take it into work and recycle it there!

  3. I am not entering the giveaway, just wanted to say what’s marvelous…got engaged a year ago today thanks to you and Ashley introducing us!

  4. I’m a volunteer bible school teacher at the local church in my town, each week I make the world a better place by assigning the kids ‘homework’ that allows them to grow as individuals! I encourage diversity, gratitude, appreciation, love and hope. Some of the assignments for example are to do an anonymous kind gesture for a stranger or say a prayer for someone suffering that you don’t really know well. The kids enjoy the activities every week and always come to class eager to share their experience, it’s a beautiful thing!

  5. I recycle, and try to reuse instead of buying new when possible (like reusing jars for storage containers instead of going out and buying small containers).

  6. first of all, cheers to you for doing yoga when you weren’t feeling the gym! that pancake looks really good but that TENDERLOIN oh LORDY i want it! i would totally bring that gym cover thing with me to an event to show everyone. did that with my whole foods mag feature!
    ok so now for the giveaway. i think that paying it forward is a great way to help the world. kindness creates more kindness! buying a cup of coffee for a friend is a great example. in fact someone did it for me fri and i plan to pay it forward

  7. We walk wherever we can. We recycle. We don’t waste ANYTHING and buy only what we need. Taking our own bags shopping is an automatic. Since we moved onto the boat 10 + years ago, we have really learned how to live with limited resources and to conserve and preserve.

  8. I make the world a better place by recycling, using reusable grocery bags, and smiling as often as I can – you never know who’s day you can brighten… smiling is contagious! 🙂

  9. I think the world would be a better place if kids around the world were guaranteed an education. I read an article in Glamour about kids who were desperate to learn but lived in places that couldn’t keep schools open or teacher employed. It’s heartbreaking to hear that, especially because the kids are so eager to get an education.

  10. A world would be a better place is there was no violence. But I can’t make that happen. So at least making education easier to attain, not just up to high school but college as well. I feel like everyone is so money hungry these days.

  11. Thinking of future generations I recycle as much trash as possible.
    As old (but young at heart) I have an open mind to learning and trying new and different things.

  12. I recycle as much as possible and in the spring I plan to volunteer as a running coach for young girls.

    I already follow you and Conscious Box and I am an email subscriber. Thanks!

  13. I try to make the world a little bit better by leading a conscious lifestyle. I eat sustainably and seasonally and grow as much of my own food as I can! (My green thumb doesn’t always seem so green) I also advocate for healthy and sustainable living as well as composting. I think I also make the world a little better by educating our youth and imparting on them the importance of being aware, compassionate and active citizens in today’s world!

  14. I reuse or regift rather than recycle, recycle rather than throw away. I compost what I can, and buy as little plastic and non-recyclable products or products wrapped in non-recyclable materials. I live frugally and minimally, and I also try to minimize my carbon footprint.

  15. I always try to carry my own resusable water bottle recycle everything I can, and I invite my friends over for dinner all the time, which cuts down on everyones grocery bills!

  16. I try my hardest to take care of the Earth and animals! I do what I can with what I have to help, it may not be very much, but I’m just happy that I can help out the world a little bit:)

  17. I (try) to make the world a better place by spending time with “problem” dogs that belong to friends or acquaintances. I help train the dog so that they have good manners and exercise them because a tired dog is a good dog. Then I try to train their human how to handle them and the importance of firmness, fairness and consistency. Training dogs is easy, training humans is hard.

  18. My job as a service coordinator for developmentally disabled adults helps me to give back everyday. I may not make much money, but almost every day is rewarding. I love that I can help this population to live as independently and safely as possible.

  19. I make the world a better place by volunteering as a “big sister” for the Big Sister Association. Spending quality time with the children who need it the most can make such a huge difference in their lives.

  20. I make the world a better place by makin a conscious effort to give a genuine smile and say hi to strangers especially those who seem agitated- you never know what someone else is going through!

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