Healthy Living Holiday Gift Guide

Are you still not done with your holiday shopping?  Itz ok, I won’t tell! 😉 Since Chanukah is just about halfway through, I’m almost done.  Shhh!  I know most people have until Christmas to shop, so if you’re still stuck I’ve got some great ideas.  What’s even better is that the list I’ve put together encourages healthy living!

PV Body – I haven’t written about this yet, but will review it soon. PV Body is a subscription company that delivers name brand workout apparel!  You fill out a short style quiz, then they send you top and bottoms each month.  Itz $49 a month which includes free shipping and their customer service is SO easy to work with.  Plus, if you follow my link, you receive 20% off your first order!  That means you get a workout top and bottom for $40!  You seriously can’t beat $20 per piece.  The items they send usually retail for over $150.  This is the gift that keeps on giving.  There’s no better way to encourage someone to get to the gym then getting them brand new workout gear to make them feel good and want to show it off!

Yurbuds – Yurbuds are by far the best sport earphones I’ve ever worn.  They fit my extra small ears, stay in place, and are not a bother whatsoever.  I received a pair to use during the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and they’re the only thing I’ve used since.

Tara Stiles Yoga DVDs – This is perfect for ALL yogis – the beginner yogi, the wannabe yogi, the advanced yogi, and the sometimes-I-do-yoga yogi!  This 4-pack contains a variety of yoga workouts ranging from 5 minutes to 70 minutes long.  Pick your length, pick your goal, and downward dog you go!  What’s even better? You can get this entire series for only $20!  (Click here to order.)

Harry and David – Who doesn’t love a delicious treat from Harry and David?  They have a wide variety of gifts ranging from nuts to fruits to chocolates to cookies.  You really can’t go wrong.  Living a healthy life does include indulgences such as chocolate dipped fruit!  (And don’t forget to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a box of chocolate covered strawberries!)

Conscious Box – Conscious Box is a monthly box that is sent and filled with items that benefit you and don’t harm the environment.  They find companies that create pure and sustainable products; they strive to be a waste-free business.  My favorite part of Conscious Box is being introduced to products and companies that I have never heard of before.  I feel good about being a consumer to these new products and companies as I know Conscious Box does their research.  Goodies include food, drinks, beauty products, household items, and more!  Each box is filled to the brim and full of surprises.  I think Conscious Box is a gift that’s fun and one of a kind!

PRO Compression Socks – You’ve heard me rave about these babies a lot.  And for good reason, too.  They help immensely with recovery of running, weight lifting, and traveling.  Don’t forget to use the discount code FIT40 to receive 40% off your order plus free shipping!

Subscription to Runner’s World Magazine – This is a must-have for all runners out there!  Another gift that keeps on giving filled with running tips, race prep, training plans, and more!  (Sorry folks, I won’t be on the cover of yours.)

Sweaty Bands Headband – I LOVE all my sweaty bands as they keep my hair in place, don’t fall off my head, and look cute.  My favorite is definitely my sparkly silver one that’s I’m rocking in the picture above.

FreeMotion Fitness Apparel – Also shown in the picture above, the blue jacket is something that I always receive tons of compliments on when I wear it out no matter where I go.  I love their bright colors and functionality and originality of all their pieces.  I also have a sports bra that I’m wearing in the picture below.

Yogi Clothing – In the yoga picture, I’m wearing the Yogi Clothing’s active shorts.  They’re super comfortable and they don’t move when I move.  Yogi clothing has a wonderful line of clothes designed to be worn for working out or going out.  I also have the Motorcycle Jacket which also warrants tons of compliments when I’m out.  You’re sure to find a unique piece here that will definitely please!

Monkey Mat – This is not just for kids!  Itz a portable mat that can be taken anywhere and used for anything.  The corners are weighted so they won’t blow up or move when you’re picnicking in the park or doing yoga on the beach.

There you have it.  Tons of gift ideas to encourage healthy living.  Get shopping!

What’s on your holiday gift list this year?

24 thoughts on “Healthy Living Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Great list! This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the Conscious Box… sounds similar to the the idea of the Bulu Box, but Bulu wasn’t just environmentally conscious things, it was mainly supplements.
    On my holiday list is some workout clothes or a cute track jacket… I always love a good jar of some fancy flavored PB too… can never go wrong w/that! 😉

  2. I am doing a giveaway for Harry & David this week soon too! I looooove my SweatyBands headband. I got my sister one for Xmas! I sure hope she doesn’t stumble upon this comment, haha. pvBody is seriously a great Christmas idea. Can’t wait to see which outfit you got!

  3. So… I think I am just going to print this list out and present it to my friends and family! Ah ha ha, clearly you and I have the same likes! 🙂 Thanks for giving me more ways for my friends and family to spend money on me! LOL!

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