PRO Compression Giveaway {CLOSED}

I’ve got a great giveaway to start off the week for you, but first let’s talk about some of the many blog challenges that are going around right now.  With the holidays drawing near, numerous bloggers have set up various challenges to help people stay motivated and make healthy choices.  I’ll share my favorites and maybe you’d like to join in, too!

Dedicated December with Janetha from Meals & Moves:

Janetha wants to encourage you to stay active during the month of December.  All you need to do is visit the official Dedicated December page and leave a comment with your workout from the day.  There are tons of awesome prizes for additional motivation!

Elf For Health with Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean and Elle from Nutrition Ella:


I wrote about this one on Friday, but just to remind you:  Lindsay and Elle have set up mini-challenges for each day in December.  They’ve paired up the participants so each person has an “elf.”  Elves get to know one another, provide support, and inspire their partner by offering ideas of their own.  Itz not too late to sign up!  You can sign up for Rounds 2 & 3 by clicking here.  There are almost 1,000 elves!  There are tons of awesome sponsors for #elf4health.

Dominate in December with Katie from Healthy Diva Eats:

Katie wants you to dominate in all areas of your life; afterall, living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance!  For example, Zoey and I went on a walk yesterday as it was a warm 70 degrees in St. Louis.

We enjoyed the warm weather and totally dominated our walk.  Word around town is that Katie plans on sneaking in a few prizes for this challenge, so use the hashtag #dominatediva and start posting on Twitter and Instagram all the ways you’re dominating!

Katie is also the creator of Marvelous In My Monday and there’s just so much marvelous in the air today! The blog challenges and the stellar giveaway I’m about to throw at ya…

PRO Compression is giving away one pair of compression socks to one very lucky Itz Linz reader!  I posted my review of the PRO Compression socks last week after I ran a 10K race in them.  (In case you missed it, read my review here.)  In a nutshell: the day before the race, I lifted legs which usually leaves my legs with major DOMS.  However, the following day I ran 6-miles in my socks, and experienced NO soreness whatsoever!  Plus, I kept a pretty decent pace for not running the two weeks prior.  And, I put PRO Compression socks through the ultimate test after my race:

They passed the test with flying colors!  Be sure to show them love on Facebook by liking their page: PRO Compression on Facebook.  Here is some key information about PRO Compression socks straight from their website:

  • Golfers gain an edge.  A key benefit of wearing compression socks over eighteen (or thirty-six!) holes is the delay of muscular breakdown and fatigue that comes from long-term play. This significant improvement enables you to perform at the highest level for longer durations of time than ever before.
  • Triathletes, Runners, and Endurance Athletes: Your feet and legs are your engine.  Anything less than peak performance and full recovery means unnecessary discomfort while operating at less than your best.  Change all of that with the advanced design and materials that make PRO Compression socks your ultimate recovery tool.
  • How they work: PRO Compression socks are designed specifically to deliver both maximum comfort and speedy recovery times. The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood.  The moment you put these socks on your feet and incorporate them into your game, you will feel and understand the difference. (source)

Here’s how to win a pair of your own magical socks: Leave a comment at the end of this blog post telling us what you’d use your PRO Compression socks for. (mandatory)  There are a couple other ways you may gain additional entries:

  • Follow Itz Linz and PRO Compression on Twitter and tweet the following, “I NEED a pair of @ProCompression socks to help with _____. Please, @ItzLinz!”  After you follow us, fill in the blank, send your tweet, be sure to leave a comment here telling us you did.
  • Subscribe to Itz Linz by entering in your e-mail address and confirming your follow via e-mail.  Leave a comment telling us you did so.

That’s three ways to enter, friends!  This giveaway will be open until Thursday, December 6th at 8:00 pm CST.  One winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Friday, December 7th.  The winner will have 24 hours to contact me or another winner will be selected.  Good luck!

~*~*~*~ Can’t wait to see if you won?  Use the discount code FIT40 to receive 40% off plus FREE SHIPPING!  Order yours HERE. ~*~*~*~


167 thoughts on “PRO Compression Giveaway {CLOSED}

  1. I would love a pair of compression socks.. I am a soccer player who has become a beginner runner.. these will certainly help me

  2. I already followed Procompression on twitter and now I follow you and I have subscribed to your blog!

    Found you from Becca at Life as a Fitzgerald.
    Looking forward to following you!

  3. LOVE YOUR BLOG and YOUR OUTLOOK ON FITNESS and HEALTH. I follow you on twitter and now I am following PRO Compression!!! (EVEN BETTER… I GO TO MIZZOU!!!!) How is that NOT a reason to GIVE ME A PAIR!!! ST. LOUIS IS WHERE IT’S AT!!! Who doesn’t love the FREE ZOO!!!

  4. I would LOVE a pair of Pro Compression socks to use when I run (and after)! Hoping to run a Half Marathon in April and these would be amazing.

  5. I’d use Pro Compression socks for running and for recovery after races! I looked around on how to sign up to receive your emails but I don’t see it? I have had a long morning so I could just be missing it…

  6. Love the handstand pose! Clearly you had a photographer! (LOL! I struggle with the self portraits these days; so hard to get action shots of yourself!)

    Thanks for the December challenge round up. So much going on this month!

  7. Great post and review! I would definitely use the compression socks to just keep running. And running. And running! I have dealt with on and off Achilles problems recently, so compression socks go a long way to helping fix that problem.

  8. I would love a pair of PRO Compression socks! I read about them all the time on other blogs and I would use them during and after my long runs. I have a half marathon coming up and they would be perfect 🙂

  9. I love them! I use them for recovery after long runs, and I also wore them on a 16-hour plane ride to Hong Kong to keep circulation going!

  10. My husband is a golfer…but I probably wouldn’t share and so I would use them during my long runs and after half marathons!

  11. I love the pink they would really help with my monthly FB5K (facebook 5k) anyone can do it just have to sign up. Everyone runs a 5k and posts their time on the 1st day of each month. It’s a lot of fun!

  12. I’ve never used compression socks but I’ve been wanting to try them. I would love to see what kind of difference it makes for running and recovery!

  13. I’ve been hearing amazing things about this particular brand of compression socks! The pink color is FANTASTIC. Since I’ve heard you can use these before, during, and after a race I’d love to give that a try during my next half marathon. Of course, I’d also have to use them during training as well but I think it’d be fun to sport them at an actual race too. Hope I win 🙂

  14. I am a big time cross country/track/half marathon runner and could definitely use some compression socks! I have heard wonderful things about them and would love to try some out! I’m hoping to eliminate some of the soreness in my calves

  15. I love ProCompression and would use them for both longer distance running and recovery! Gotta love celebrating an awesome run by elevating your legs in bright compression socks!

  16. I have been wanting to try these forever! Shin splints took me out of running for almost 6 months a little over a year ago, and now that I’m back, I want to stay healthy!!

    And I’m also tweeting a comment for an entry :), and I’ll be following!

  17. I would love to try these during my current marathon training!! Between CrossFit and running my legs would probably love some extra attention 🙂

  18. I would wear these to run in, especially long runs. I will be training for two spring half marathons in 2013 so I will be doing plenty of long runs!

  19. I’d use them for crossfit! Great for recovery and helps protect shins when rope climbing, dead lifting and cleans. High socks are must!

  20. I already have one pair and LOVE them. Who couldn’t use a 2nd pair in their life. I would use them for after long runs and workouts, plus they are great for traveling.

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  22. I would love a pair of pro compression socks to help me train for my first marathon! I am an avid runner and have never had a pair! I am hoping to someday qualify for Boston:)

  23. I’m training for my first half-marathons in 2013. I am hoping to run my first two back to back to earn the Titanium Girl Medal. Pro Compression socks will be necessary for my recovery in between!

  24. I would love to use these compression socks for help with recovery from cycling, running, and triathlon training. I think they would help me immensely! Thanks for the chance Itzlintz!

  25. I’d use these not only for running/post-run recovery…..but I also think they’d be great for regular daily use as my job requires hours upon hours upon hours of standing!

  26. Great giveaway hun ! I’ve never heard of PRO Compression socks before so I’d be super excited to try them out ! I’d use them for running 🙂

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  28. Just ran my very first ever 5 miles last night. Afterwards, I kept thinking “I need a pair of those ProCompression socks everyone is talking about!” So I’d definitely use mine for recovery!

  29. I would use PRO Compression socks while training for a 50-mile trail race. I have many brands of socks, but PRO Compression is fantastic.

  30. I tweeted and follow you both! I need them because I use running as my therapy and recently I developed shin splits. It’s so depressing not being able to run and is love the socks to run I. And to help with recovery! Pick me!!!

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