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Happy Monday!  I’m in the greatest mood after such a relaxing weekend and a short work week ahead.  My weekend in a nutshell: Friday evening I had dinner with my best friend Diana then we went shopping.  Saturday started off with a fabulous bikram yoga class, breakfast with my dad, brother, and nephew, and then lots of quality time with my mom.  Jonny and I met my brother for dinner on Saturday night.  Sunday entailed sleeping in (until 6:30 – woot!), a gym session, coached my last soccer game of the season, got some schoolwork done with my co-workers/friends at Panera, then family dinner at my rents house.  Busy, but low-key and productive.  Just what I needed.

So for my post today, I want to tell you about my new workout routine and how that’s going.  Instead of writing about it, I’m vlogging!  Yes, that’s right.  While I had my first vlog debut with other FitFluential Ambassadors during the Runner’s World event, I’m here with my very own vlog.  My sister was video taping me, and at the end I got a bit tongue-tied and started cracking up.  So just don’t mind that. 🙂

For the chest and back workout that I spoke of, I do three sets of each exercise with 15 reps during the first set, and 12 for the latter two with a bit heavier weight.  I superset opposing muscle groups which I find makes the workout go faster with less rest time in between.

Chest & Back Workout

  • *Superset – Barbell Bench Press
  • *Superset – Bent Over Barbell Row
  • ~Superset – Incline Chest Fly
  • ~Superset – Reverse Dumbbell Fly
  • *Superset – Push Ups
  • *Superset – Lat Pull Down
  • ~Superset – Hyperextensions
  • ~Superset – Decline Sit Ups

Obviously, decline sit ups are for your core and not your chest or back, but I like to superset them with hyperextensions.  That’s it.  Pretty basic exercises, but a good place to start if you’re just beginning to lift weights [again], like me.

Ladies, don’t be afraid of pumping iron!! Itz SO good for you!!  And taking care of your body, bones, and health is a marvelous thing.

Marvelous Monday with Healthy Diva Eats

What’s your workout schedule look like?

17 thoughts on “Vlog: New Workout Routine

  1. Good for you on doing more lifting & making it to three times a week! That’s what I’ve recently been aiming for too… always despised lifting, but now that I’m doing it more (& with better form), I’m starting to actually like it?! 😉
    My workout routine this week is: Mon – Zumba Toning or circuit at home, Tues – Insanity or reg. Zumba, Wed.- Bodyworks class (strength/weights), Thurs. – cardio vid, Fri. – Zumba, Sat. – Bodyworks (weights/strength), Sun. – Rest.

  2. Well, my exercise lately has been walking/running to and from class. Sometimes I’ll do some toning exercises in my dorm room, but I’ve definitely been slacking lately. Tuesday night I get to go home from Thanksgiving break though, so I’m planning on doing some Just Dance on my wii!!

    That’s so cool that you’re a soccer coach. How did you team do this season?

  3. That sounds like such a good weekend! Weekends with lots of family/friend time are the best!

    And nice job on making it to the gym to do weights 3x last week! I don’t really have a workout schedule right now… but usually it’s elliptical one day and weights on the other, with 2 rest days a week. I’m getting SO sick of the elliptical though so I’m definitely going to be changing things up soon.

  4. Love, love, love lifting weights!
    If I could do only weights or only cardio, I would definitely choose weight lifting!
    Your program is great; basic is all you need. Fancy-shmancy doesn’t mean fitter or stronger!

  5. my body has seen more changes since starting CrossFit (with lots of weight lifting) than any of my years of just running.

    I usually CF 4-5 times a week and run 3-4 x a week. It works for me!

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