With parent-teacher conferences this past week, itz been extremely busy for me.  But you know I’ve still been snapping photos left and right.  Today I’m going to show you a glimpse of my life through the best photo sharing site around – Instagram!

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Jonny’s brother, Robbie, and girlfriend Becca were in town from Arizona last weekend for a wedding.  We love when they come to town!

I had one lone eggplant left in the fridge from the farmer’s market, so I decided to roast it and top it with marinara and cheese for some pizza-like dinner bites.

Zoey was really excited about her orange toy in her orange shirt the other day, and she’s just too cute for words, so Instagram it is!

Per my new workout schedule, I completed some strength training at the gym on Wednesday.  It was the first time that I lifted weights with my legs, and let me tell you – lunges and squats with a heavy barbell had my legs and butt HURTING two days later.

Cascadian Farm Ancient Grains Granola and Attune Foods Buckwheat & Hemp cereal for breakfast.  I scored both of these in my #HLS12 swag bag, and recently received two more boxes of granola at the conference last weekend.  Cereal just makes for such a tasty breakfast (and snack), and cereal that has protein, fiber, and not much added sugar is a win-win.

Yesterday morning (the day after my leg workout), I was not feeling a cardio session at the gym.  Instead, I turned on one of my new Tara Stiles yoga DVDs and completed her Energy Flow series in my pjs in our living room.  Jonny and Zoey both enjoyed watching me.

My legs became increasingly more sore throughout the day yesterday.  Holy DOMS!  Seriously, walking up and down stairs, sitting down, and merely touching my legs was incredibly painful (ya know… in a good way).  I decided to break out my Stick that I received at the Runner’s World eventThe Stick is used to give a deep tissue massage.  I could only apply light pressure as my legs were tender to touch.

That’s all I’ve got for you today!  Just an FYI: my blog will be going through some changes this weekend, so if you experience any technical difficulties, please check back later!  Thanks and have a great weekend!

What’s your life through Instagram like lately?  Leave your username in the comment section and follow me at ItzLinz!

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    • Hehe thanks, Britt! My hair is pretty thick, so that’s makes a big difference when I’m styling it!! And Popcorn and Zoey def need to meet!! Grad school in St. Louis?! Ha! I wouldn’t leave sunny Florida either! 😉

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