Last Chance

Surveys have been popping up all over the blogosphere lately, but there’s one in particular I’ve seen a lot of: Last Chance Survey.  Chelsey, Courtney, Ashley, Lisa, and Katie are just a few of the ones that I’ve read.  Here it goes.

1.  Last food you ate?

Dinner courtesy of the hubby.  He grilled steak tenderloin and made peas on the side.  (Unfortunately, I have no pic to share. #bloggerfail)

2.  Last beverage you drank?

Good ole H20.  That’s my main choice of drink at all times.  Sometimes I spruce it up a bit by adding lemon and apple cider vinegar.  Tomorrow evening we have a wedding to attend, so in addition to water, I’ll probably have some vino or vodka to celebrate. 🙂

3.  Last workout?

I’ve been digging the stairs lately.

Itz always a beast to do, and itz the one form of cardio that I can read simultaneously.  (Notice how I’m rocking my FitFluential tank! #represent)

4.  Last thing you pinned?

Pinterest?  Yikes, itz been awhile since I’ve played on there.  Between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Pinterest definitely takes a backseat.  (Sorry, Pinterest.)  I am on Pinterest though!  (Follow me here!)

5.  Last text message you sent?

To my seester asking if I can borrow one of her dresses for tomorrow night.

Lucky for me, my sister and mom have fabulous wardrobes that they love sharing with me since I have absolutely no fashion sense.  Thanks, Sees!

6.  Last blog you visited?

Heather’s blog For The Love of Kale.  She began an amazing project (remember J’adore La Vie?) to support victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Read more and see how the project has already begun by clicking here.

7.  Last tweet you sent?

RTing my sister’s tweet about Roxie in the Friends of Kids with Cancer Fashion Show.

Remember, Team Roxie?  Stay up to date with the Team Roxie Facebook Page!

8.  Last place you visited?

The vet with Zoey.  Never a fun place.

9.  Last time you did ab work?

On Wednesday, when my friend Diana and I did this arms and abs workout.

10.  Last show you watched?

Jersey Shore.  Oh yeah!

11.  Last thing you baked?

I made slice and bake cookies yesterday for a coworker’s birthday.  The last real thing I baked though were these pumpkin muffins.

12.  What is the last thing you Instagrammed?

Zoey Boey waiting patiently at the vet.

13.  Last item on your to-do list today?

Well itz Friday and I have no evening plans which I’m quite excited about. I plan on getting some actual relaxation time by snuggling and reading more of The Long Run before I close my eyes for an early bedtime.  Yes, I’m a grandma and these are my Friday night plans. #noshame

Pick one (or all!) and answer!

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