My Smoothie Voted

My smoothie voted.  What?  Yours didn’t?  Weird…

This was a Chocolate Covered Kale Protein Smoothie that I blended after standing in line at the polls for an hour.  I headed to my voting location right after my morning workout at 6:15 am thinking I’d beat the crowd.  Incorrect.  An hour isn’t so bad, and I still made it to work on time.  But I did have fun sticking my “I voted!” sticker on different things.  Like my smoothie.  And my shoes.

Those are my Mizuno Wave Creations that I was recently sent to review.  So far they are super comfy with plenty of support without feeling too heavy.  Now that I played with my stickers (gosh, my third graders are rubbing off on me!), let’s talk some WIAW for the blog party today hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

Click the button above to see numerous drool-worthy photos and get ideas for recipes and meals.  WIAW is a great resource and a fabulous tool in the kitchen!  So the smoothie I posted was my breakfast on Tuesday, but Monday was more standard of grapefruit slices, eggs (3 egg whites + 1 whole egg), and a handful of spinach.

The eggs were cooked in coconut oil which I’ve been totally loving that combo lately.  Lunch the past three days has been that bean, barley, veggie, and quinoa soup that I prepared on Sunday during my procrastination frenzy.

Meal prep and batch cooking make life so much easier!  Dinner last night was homemade pizza.  I used a P28 High Protein flat bread for the crust.  The flat bread has 28 grams of protein in it and is made from 100% whole wheat using oat, flax seed, sunflower seed, and millet.  I sautéed some onions and peppers for the toppings and sprinkled a bit of cheese on top.

It tasted absolutely delicious and really filled us up (despite the lack of meat, much to Jonny’s dismay).  However, I must not have cooked it correctly or put on way too many toppings because the crust got very soft.  I tried putting it in the oven at 375 and then broiling it the last few minutes. Luckily, I have three more crusts to try and perfect!

Our sweet tooth was kickin’ later at night, and Jonny volunteered to fetch us some apple slices and peanut butter.  (Ok, he may not have used the term “fetch.”)  I told him I’d come up with something better (naturally), so I decided to spruce up the ole’ apples and peanut butter combo.

I sliced two apples and threw them in a pan with coconut oil.  Cinnamon was sprinkled on top while the apples softened.  A few dashes of maple syrup was thrown in the mix.  Once I put the contents in a bowl, I drizzled peanut butter on top.  Deliciousness!  There’s just something about warm apples that are perfect for these colder temps.  And a hint of added sweetness with the maple syrup parlayed with cinnamon and peanut butter?  I think itz genius quite frankly.

How could I have made the pizza crust a bit crustier? Tips, please!  Did you vote?  How about your breakfast?  Or your shoes?  😉

27 thoughts on “My Smoothie Voted

  1. I voted! And i had warm apples with cinnamon and PB for breakfast. 🙂

    That flatbread looks so good! I want to try it out. Do oyu have a pizza stone, or would you have put it directly on the oven rack? If it won’t hold up on the over rack with the toppings you could put it in for a few mins pre-topping to let it crust up a bit.

  2. Best post title ever! That dessert looks so good! I love apples and pb but I think you have the original combo totally beat!

  3. I’m a bit skeptical about the kale smoothie, but I’m definitely open to trying it. Have you posted a recipe? I love warming up fruit as a dessert! You should try warming up bananas with peanut butter. It’s my latest favorite treat! Have a great day!

  4. This entire post made me smile. I love your sticker spots. 😉 Your attitude makes me happy. SO glad to be reading your blog again, Linz! <3 xoxo

  5. I got a sample of that protein flat bread, too! I really liked it, but the protein makes it extra chewy, so I can understand if it didn’t get crisp. High heat on a pizza stone (500 for 7 minutes) might help? Love your warm apples, yum!

  6. I feel your soft-pizza pain! It happens to me when I try to make pizzas out of tortillas. Have you thought of trying to heat the crust for a few minutes in the oven before loading on the toppings? That should make it a bit crunchier.

  7. As I just became a citizen, I wasn’t able to vote for this election :(. Even your smoothie voted…I love my mizunos too! And when I saw those grapefruit slices I got super excited! I’ve been on grapefruit overkill hehe. They’re so cheap and extremely tasty these days. They’re not pink but red! Ok enough about grapefruits. Whoa! 28g of protein in the crust? that’s crazy! I find that when I coat the pizza pan with cornmeal, the crust seems to be crispier. And prebaking for about 5 minutes helps too!

  8. YUM!!! That flatbread pizza looks amazing! I’ve never heard of the P28 bread before. Sadly they don’t sell it in my area. But I will definitely be ordering some online! And I’m a huge fan of kale protein shakes myself – I have one almost every morning. 🙂

  9. oh yum! drooling over your cinnamon apples with peanut butter! looks amazing!! so does the flatbread! great idea!

  10. I think some others already suggested this, but I would try broiling the pizza crust on both sides a bit before adding the toppings. That should help with the desired “crunch” 🙂

    I voted, but sadly I had neither running shoes or a smoothie to accompany me… Haha.

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