7-Mile Speed Workout

Today I’ll give you some of the details from part of my marvelous weekend that I promised.  I’m still waiting to recap the Warrior Dash because I want to know my official time and check out the pictures that were taken on the course.  (Anyone else check race sites incessantly after the race waiting for times and pictures?  Or is that just me?)

Like I mentioned, my Saturday began with an interval speed workout with my trainer in preparation for the RW Half Marathon that is fast approaching.  It went like this:

7-Mile Speed Workout

  • 4 x 1-mile repeats
  • 3 x 1200 meters
  • 1 x 800 meters
  • 1 x 400 meters

In between each interval, we walked 100 meters.  (One lap = 400 meters)

Not bad, eh?  I was pleased.  And I was even more pleased when it was over!  Now onto the cutesie details of the post: Audrey Rose’s first birthday party.  I teased you on Saturday with an adorable collage my sister put together of her first year.  Here’s a picture of the birthday girl and me on her big day:

Audrey Rose loves her Auntie Linz!

A picture of Audrey Rose’s Sweet Shop that, of course, included all pink treats!  Also, showing twelve pictures from Audrey’s first year taken by her momma – Stephanie Cotta Photography – who just got named one of the top five’s children’s photographers in St. Louis! #proudsister

The pink and white awning was made special for this party.  Stephanie hired a fellow photographer, so she could enjoy the day.  Pictures courtesy of Anne Meintrup Photography.  And a picture of Audrey Rose’s smash cake, drinks that were served, and favors that were handed out.

Pink champagne served in pink sugar rimmed flutes for the adults, and pink lemonade for the tots.  Party favors included cupcake mix in mason jars with pink lacy ribbon trim, custom labels, a recipe, and special Audrey Rose sprinkles!  Before Audrey Rose smashed her first cake, she had to change [almost] into her birthday suit – one that was appropriate for the party, of course.

Cutest birthday tush ever!  Photo by me via Instagram.  (I’ve got photo skillz, too!)  All in all, it was a lovely affair, for kids and adults alike.  Audrey Rose continues to get cuter and cuter, and even took her first steps on her big day!  Props to my big sis for throwing one heck of a birthday bash!

And for making and photographing the cutest baby girl!  For a month by month update and some of the most ridiculously adorable baby pictures around (no joke here), check out this post from SCP’s blog.  You’ll be “ooo-ing” and “aww-ing,” I promise!

Do you incorporate speed work into your training plan?  What’s the cutest birthday bash you’ve ever attended?

39 thoughts on “7-Mile Speed Workout

  1. Nice job on your 7 miles of speedwork! Four X 1 mile repeats is a LOT, plus adding more repeats on top… way to go! You’re definitely ready for the half. And wow, what sweet pictures– love her little cupcake tush!

  2. Whoa, that was a fast 7 miles! And you ran the warrior dash after that? #beastmode And there is an overload of cute here. I’m gonna look up your sister – I’ve been wanting to get some pictures done!

    • Yup Warrior Dash was later in the day! 🙂 🙂 Good half marathon prep!! You should def look up my sis – she is seriously amazing!! She is always doing quick “mini session” packages around the holidays with great deals!!

  3. I can’t believe you ran that fast, even with walking breaks!!! Nice job girl!

    And that is seriously the cutest party ever! It looks like it should be in Martha Stewart magazine or something!

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